Giro Giro Tondo @ Triennale Design Museum: when playful design becomes access to a fantastic world.

“Camilla with friends of infancy” by Beatrice Brandini Exhibition entrance “Giro Giro Tondo Design for Children” at Triennale, Milan “Round trip around, hit the world, hit the ground, all down on the ground ….” I opened with the rhyme of an unforgettable game when we were children, rhyming, which also gave the name to a […]

Paris celebrates Irving Penn: the creator of magical portraits and some of the most beautiful fashion photos of the last century.

Lisa Fonssagrives, photo Irving Penn “Jean” by Beatrice Brandini In Paris a great retrospective celebrates one of the most important and talented photographers of the last century: Irving Penn. inaugurated a few weeks ago (open until January 2018), in the year 2017, marking the centenary of the birth of this incredible master of photography.

Paris Fashion week: S / S 2018

Vintage postcard “Paris” “POP and DECORATIVE” mood by Beatrice Brandini Paris finishes Prêt-à-Porter women’s fashion show for the next Spring Summer 2018. We have seen many proposals, in addition to the trends I have reported, it is worth mentioning also CHECK, FEATHERS, FRINGED, RAINPROF… Compared to a few years ago, today’s fashion is a bit […]

Milan Fashion week: S/S 2018

Milan “Gallery” “Romantic femininity” by Beatrice Brandini Milan fashion shows also ended, confirming that Italian fashion is the most beautiful of all. Yes, I know, it might seem pretentious and partial, but it is not true. Italian fashion combines, more than anything else, creativity, craftsmanship and above all, portability. This it’s means that unlike other realities […]