2014: Birth or Rebirth

Tunnel per rinascita

“Tunnel” for the revival


“FUTURA” by Beatrice Brandini

I hope that 2014 is the year of the birth or rebirth.

The Birth intended as the beginning of something important for each of you.

Whether it is the Birth of a child desired, as the crowning of a great love; the Birth of a new passion, a new friendship, a new job opportunity, for anyone who is looking for and eventually finds it, but also for those who wish to change and give a new impetus (or sense) to its own life, the Birth of a new adventure, a journey, a project , a new possibility…

Rebirth instead as a way to revive,  from what we should be tight, the problems, the external “ballast”, transmuting negativity and all that you have created unhappiness, complications, stress, in solutions or new and positive opportunities. Rebirth as a chance to fall in love again after abandonment. Rebirth as a rematch in the workplace, by a wrong or worse, by a dismissal. Rebirth finding a new home, even having had to abandon the old. Rebirth finding a new dimension that finally makes us happy and free.

In short, the birth or rebirth of something that blooms, start doing something beautiful and new.

You can touch the bottom, it is important to have the strength to go back and redeem himself. By focusing only on the good things we have, even if they are few (sometimes it may only seem), often simply a smile from those who love us.

I hope to all in a year full of luck, happiness and PEACE OF MIND, obsolete word (especially young people) but more and more important and valuable.

Smile per blog

I hope this is an important year as the beginning of a different future, full of love and humanity. Wishing that your every dream or desire to turn into a beautiful reality.

Fochi per blog

A happy new year….

Good life to all!



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