Mod: nostalgia and revival of a movement pure and passionate

Quadrophenia poster, 1979 “Cheryl” Beatrice Brandini London, and beyond, it is pervaded by a new wave that could be called “Mod Revival.” Showcases men’s clothing (especially the beautiful Fall/Winter 2015-16 fashion show of Tom Ford), see protagonists  tight and fitting shapes, coats and jackets with cuts sixties, ankle pants, narrow jackets with three buttons, “psychedelic” […]

Fiorucci: the first idea of lifestyle, the first concept store, the first crossover between art and fashion … and it was 1967

“Fioruccina” by Beatrice Brandini Vintage suitcase Fiorucci The disappearance of Elio Fiorucci it was for me very saddened. When I was a kid I spent my weekly allowance for his colorful, humorous, kaleidoscopic creations (some from around the world), so as to deserve the title of “Fioruccina”. I was in junior high, late eighties, and his […]


“Walking with Charlie” by Beatrice Brandini “Beast” street The holiday season is usually one in which we are persuaded by emotional impulses, but, paradoxically, it is also the moment when someone makes the worst cowards, especially to animals. That is why I titled this post “Ww are the worst beast”, coming out completely from my […]

Alessi: DESIGN in the DNA

My little world Alessi …. “Hair Design” Beatrice Brandini The history of Alessi is the testimony of another Italian excellence in design. Born in 1921, in almost a century of history has been able to evolve, while maintaining a significant milestone: transform an everyday product into something magical, playful, creative … without forgetting its functionality.