Cartoons: entertainment and salvation

“Il Signor Bonaventura” by Sergio Tofano “Mentina” by Beatrice Brandini Like all parents who have young children, I became an expert in cartoons, in the beginning I have to say in spite of myself, loving the cinema and the film “serious”, then being keen and discovering a world of different characters, original, sometimes even educational […]

Butterflies: from nature to fashion…

Butterflies at the Museum of the Specola in Florence “Ninfa” by Beatrice Brandini “I must endure caterpillars if I want to learn about butterflies, it seems that they are so beautiful.” (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)  Always butterflies were “muse” inspiring, described and interpreted, iconographically, by all the arts, primarily painting, but especially from the arts […]

Serge Lutens: the inventor of the dreams of make-up

Serge Lutens  “Kitten in leotard” Beatrice Brandini When I was younger, flipping through fashion magazines to which, I have always been passionate, some pages intrigued me, others left me indifferent, but what surprised me most of all, literally, fascinate me with their magic, were those of a well-known Japanese cosmetics brand, Shiseido, whose shots were […]

Jackson Pollock. The figure of fury

Banner of the exhibition “Lee” by Beatrice Brandini Today I was invited to  the press presentation for an exhibition which opens tomorrow at  Palazzo Vecchio and San Fiore, in Florence, Jackson Pollock. The figure of fury. From April 16 to July 27. This exhibition is very important for various reasons. The first is that Pollock has […]

Kids Trends Fall/Winter 2015-16

“Winter” Elio De Luca, oil on wood, private collection   “ADVENTURE” Mood of Beatrice Brandini  Fashion is always lighter, playful, surprising … if you think that a brand such as Givenchy (usually under the direction of Tisci, more dark and dramatic), in the winter just ended had put Bambi into its sweatshirts, you understand that […]

Perfume: ecstasy of all the senses ….

Perfumes mignon, detail, private collection   “Fragrance” by Beatrice Brandini  “A woman without perfume has no future.” Coco Chanel A good perfume has the power to make us more attractive, influencing even our unconscious, a bit ‘like when we wear the precious silk underwear, are those things that make us feel more sensual, vain, and […]