Picasso: the path of the giant

Poster: “Picasso and the Spanish modernity” “Dora” by Beatrice Brandini  Situated in Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi, there is an interesting exhibition devoted to Picasso: “Picasso and the Spanish modernity.” Talk about Picasso is too easy (or difficult, depending on the views and expectations that you have), certainly is a risk of trivializing a very complex figure.

Piero Tosi and its magical and visionary costumes.

Maria Callas in Medea by Pier Paolo Pasolini, photo M. Cattarinich “Medea” by Beatrice Brandini  In Florence, in the magical setting of Palazzo Pitti, there is a beautiful exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest Italian costume designers: Piero Tosi. A teacher who has worked with Pasolini, Visconti, Zeffirelli … with them has created important […]

Paris Fashion Week S / S 2015

“A’ bout de souffle” by Jean-Luc Godard, 1960 Jean Seberg “Amélie in Paris” by Beatrice Brandini Here we are with the final round of fashion shows Spring / Summer 2015 Paris stage. Paris …. beautiful and fascinating city, with its women très charmantes …. Yes, because if it is true that there are beautiful women everywhere, […]