Picasso: the path of the giant

Poster: “Picasso and the Spanish modernity” “Dora” by Beatrice Brandini  Situated in Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi, there is an interesting exhibition devoted to Picasso: “Picasso and the Spanish modernity.” Talk about Picasso is too easy (or difficult, depending on the views and expectations that you have), certainly is a risk of trivializing a very complex figure.

Piero Tosi and its magical and visionary costumes …

Maria Callas in Medea by Pier Paolo Pasolini, photo M. Cattarinich “Medea” by Beatrice Brandini  In Florence, in the magical setting of Palazzo Pitti, there is a beautiful exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest Italian costume designers: Piero Tosi. A teacher who has worked with Pasolini, Visconti, Zeffirelli … with them has created important […]

Paris Fashion Week S / S 2015

“A’ bout de souffle” by Jean-Luc Godard, 1960 Jean Seberg “Amélie in Paris” by Beatrice Brandini Here we are with the final round of fashion shows Spring / Summer 2015 Paris stage. Paris …. beautiful and fascinating city, with its women très charmantes …. Yes, because if it is true that there are beautiful women everywhere, […]