Carlo Mollino: talent, dandyism and voyeurism, a modern and incredibly eclectic personality

Interior of the Teatro Regio in Turin, designed by Carlo Mollino MASTERPIECE!  “Zaira” Beatrice Brandini If anyone before Andy Warhol and Helmut Newton has exploited the versatility and potential of Polaroid was Carlo Mollino. A great architect Piedmont (Turin 1905-1973) who experimented with immense talent and creativity, architecture, design, engineering, photography, graphic design, set design […]

“Waiting for a Prince”…

“Waiting for a Prince” by Beatrice Brandini Prince “Bear” I would like to talk about love so mild and light, love universal and  transverse trying two human beings of any gender and religion, the love you feel for their children, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, our puppies and everything that excites us and makes us feel […]

Arcimboldo and Galliano: When creativity becomes an irresistible “healthy madness”.

Arcimboldo “Vertumnus”. John Galliano detail of Couture fashion show Maison Margiela.  “Delight” by Beatrice Brandini Even as a child, and it’s easy to know why, I have always been fascinated, amazed and sometimes a tad upset from “Composed Heads” by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Portraits grotesque formed by objects or items (books, fruit, flowers, birds …) which […]