THE THREE PIETAS OF MICHELANGELO. You don’t think how much blood it costs. In Florence for the first time the three masterpieces in comparison.

Picture of the exhibition: ”The Three Pietà by Michelangelo. You don’t think how much blood it costs “. Photo Ela Bialkowska OKNOstudio “Maria” by Beatrice Brandini From 24 February to 1 August 2022, on the occasion of the Mediterranean meeting frontier of peace 2022, which will bring together the Bishops and Mayors of the Mediterranean […]

Depero New Depero, at the Mart in Rovereto the exhibition on the greatest futurist artist.

“Rosetta” by Beatrice Brandini “Martellatori” by Fortunato Depero, 1923 Depero returns home, in fact, until 5 June 2022 in Rovereto you can participate in the extraordinary journey into the world of this multifaceted artist who in his life experimented with painting, theater, scenography, design, fashion and advertising.