“Splash” by Beatrice Brandini Beatrice Brandini SS 2002 beachwear collection, photo AG I have already dedicated a post to the swimsuit (https://www.beatricebrandini.it/costume-da-bagno-un-piccolo-indumento-amiconemico-delle-donne-in-realta-molto-importante/) , considering this small piece of cloth a key element in a woman’s style.

Rome celebrates the lightness of two giants: Bruno Munari and Gianni Rodari.

Brochure of the exhibition “Between Rodari and Munari” “Face and stripes” by Beatrice Brandini It was a long time since I wanted to dedicate a post to Bruno Munari, and, always for the same time, one to Gianni Rodari, a beautiful exhibition in Rome gives me the opportunity to talk about they transversely, combining these […]