Happy Anniversary Mickey Mouse! The most famous mouse in the world is 90 years old.

Vintage Mickey Mouse from my collection “Topina” by Beatrice Brandini “A small personality with the task of snatching a laugh”. So Walt Disney described Mickey Mouse. And he was definitely right because it’s been ninety years since Mickey entertains, impassions millions of people around the world, proving that maybe he was not just a small […]

Yarns: trends for Autumn – Winter 2019/20 (part one)

Yarns proposal Spazio Ricerca Pitti Filati “Kaleidoscope and Game Yarn” by Beatrice Brandini Knitting trends for Autumn – Winter 2019/2020 exhibited at Pitti Filati, highlighted a main theme W.W.W. dedicated to those generations that in 2018 will turn eighteen and have revolutionized uses and consumption thanks (or for the fault) of the network. A generation that […]

Men Trends for Spring-Summer 2019, the best things seen at the fair.

Z ZEGNA “Check” by Beatrice Brandini The men’s fashion season, made of collections, catwalks and salons, opens with the 94th Pitti Uomo. This season’s leitmotif is P.O.P, or Pitti Optical Power. An acronym behind an optimistic, energetic, popular message. Yes, because fashion has changed a lot, abandoning the strict aesthetic codes and diktats of creatives […]