Bettie Page: the most famous Pin Up in the history!

Bettie Page photographed by Bill Hamilton (Courtesy of Michael Fornitz collection) “Bettie” by Beatrice Brandini The Gallery Ono Art Contemporary in Bologna celebrates Bettie Page with the “Bettie Page: the Original Pin Up” (from tomorrow until September 29), enchants us with 55 shots of one of the most sensual, provocative, independent, free and beautiful women […]


Vintage Sneaker “Sneakers” by Beatrice Brandini Some months ago, in America, a pair of sneakers were auctioned for 71 thousand and 533 dollars (about 64 thousand euro!), Reaching an all-time record. This news makes us think about what the market for this sector is thriving and how many fans there are, not only (as you might […]