It’s Spring! Flowers all over: nostalgic 70s and new romance, fashion is in bloom

Flower water,  photo A.G.               “Daughter of flowers” Beatrice Brandini, mood Flowers This Spring, among the various aspirations, Fashion draws also from the seventies with a riot of flowers, folk dresses, vests, jackets, flared pant, etc. etc., but all with a touch of romance and femininity, without that nostalgia’s sake […]

Alberto Burri and traces of a genius of modern art

Alberto Burri particular “Sack”, 1953 “Minsa” by Beatrice Brandini On the centenary of the birth will be many initiatives dedicated to Alberto Burri, the king of the Informal. A master shy and introverted, who knew how to mix the cubist collages, the futuristic visions with Piero della Francesca and Signorelli, creating magnificent compositions between the […]