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Particular of the Max Mara’s fashion – Marilyn Monroe photographed by George Barris

2 Honey cop

“Honey” by Beatrice Brandini

I have already dedicated a post to Max Mara, historic fashion house that class and quality has made its trademark. So as I have quoted extensively my passion for cinema, combine both (Fashion and Cinema) is so for me really magnificent.

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Max Mara fashion show for Fall / Winter 2015 -16


Marilyn in a photo of 1953


Max Mara fashion show for Fall / Winter 2015 -16

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Marilyn photographed by George Barris in 1962

Max Mara has paid tribute to the cinema and to one of its most famous icons, the Woman par excellence, one that more than any other has been able to combine beauty, sensuality, femininity and fragility, transforming her life in a myth: Marilyn Monroe.

Max Mara was inspired by photos taken on the beach by George Barris in 1962, natural photos, and for this reason beautiful, depicting a Marilyn different from the glossy and officers images, here’s a woman tangled, spontaneous and immensely beautiful, wearing a Norwegian cardigans and wraps her legs in a blanket camel camel,  just like the magnificent coats of Max Mara.

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Max Mara fashion show for Fall / Winter 2015 -16

12   13 Marilyn-in-Korea-marilyn-monroe-

Marilyn in Korea in 1954

The collection is a tribute to the famous actress and a femininity a bit lost, there are in fact soft sweaters, pencil skirts, sheath dresses, petticoat dresses… but also clothes of extraction male that Marilyn loved to wear in their free time, as sweatshirts enveloping, bomber, the pea coat. Evoking Marilyn tells a timeless appeal. Even hats and makeup reminiscent of the 50s, as well as the irresistible butterfly glasses.


Max Mara fashion show for Fall / Winter 2015 -16


Marilyn Monroe in “How to Marry a Millionaire” in 1953

Marilyn was much more than a beautiful and provocative actress, she was good, in some film extraordinary, an interpreter sensitive and intelligent, despite the stereotype that embodied. Many have looked to see only her appearance, but there was a lot more.

Marilyn Monroe on patio outside of her home.


Maybe in your life you are not able to find the love that you wanted, but for sure you are getting the love of all people.

It ‘s been more than half a century after her death, but her legacy continues to resist  and to inspire people around the world.

Good life to all!



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