Alma Tadema: the sensual aesthetic

Banner of the exhibition  “Water Lily” by Beatrice Brandini In the cloister of Bramante in Rome there is a beautiful exposition of the greatest artists of the Victorian era, “Alma-Tadema and 800 English painters, Pérez Simón Collection”. For me, that time, that kind of painting, its characters, and especially Alma – Tadema, have always been […]

Frida Kahlo: art and spirit

Banner of the exhibition “Frida Kahlo” in Rome “Frida” by Beatrice Brandini  Undisputed icon of Mexican culture and modern,  forerunner of the feminist movement, perfect subject for marketing and merchandising, but especially women indomitable, courageous, free and independent. 

Giorgio Armani: the elegance of the King

Giorgio Armani, “Nadja” by Beatrice Brandini Giorgio Armani does not need a big presentation, it is a name known throughout the world, loved, valued, respected and followed, a creative with his rigorous concept of elegance, purity, cleanliness, has revolutionized the world and the feminine way to dress, creating “the Armani style”, an unmistakable style and […]

I love how the world!

Direction Love Mom …..   “The Greatest Love” by Beatrice Brandini  Is the Mother’s Day and I want to dedicate this post to all mothers. Our mothers, without which we feel lost, to which nourish a complex feeling, always characterized by an immense good, and we moms,  we do every day work “harder” to everyone.