The wedding dress, history and trends of one of the most unforgettable moments in a woman’s life.

“A day to remember” by Beatrice Brandini Elizabeth Cator e Michael Bowes-Lyon in the day of their marriage, 1928 Over the centuries, the wedding dress has undergone many transformations, as all fashion and costume has in fact been the testimony (and form) of the times that characterized it. But what has remained undamaged over time […]

Modigliani and the adventure of Montparnasse: great masterpieces are staged in Livorno!

Banner of the Modigliani exhibition and the Montparnasse adventure. Livorno City Museum “Arancia” by Beatrice Brandini I was in Livorno at the Museo della Città at the press preview of the exhibition Modigliani and the Montparnasse adventure. Masterpieces from the Netter and Alexandre collections, curated by Marc Restellini and coordinated in the project by Sergio […]