“Marionettes and Avant-garde. Picasso – Depero – Klee – Sarzi”, where imagination and fantasy create dreams.

Exhibition poster “Puppet” by Beatrice Brandini At the Palazzo Magnani Foundation in Reggio Emilia, a truly spectacular exhibition is on display until 17 March 2024: “Marionettes and Avant-gardes. Picasso. Depero. Klee. Sarzi, edited by James M. Bradburne, member of the Scientific Committee of the Palazzo Magnani Foundation.

Gio Ponti’s table centerpiece is on display at Villa Necchi Campiglio

Table centerpiece by Giò Ponti at Villa Necchi (detail) Enigma by Beatrice Brandini The FAI – Fondo for italian Environment Fund ETS and the Richard-Ginori Archive Museum Foundation of the Doccia Manifattura present the Centerpiece for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Gio Ponti, modeled by Italo Griselli and created by Richard Ginori between 1927 […]