Gucci – A. Michele and Kubrick: when genius becomes iconic

“Alexandra” by Beatrice Brandini

Gucci Exquisite campaign signed by Mert & Marcus for Fall-Winter 2022

Stanley Kubrick inspires the new Exquisite collection of the Gucci house, represented and celebrated also in an amazing press campaign (signed Mert & Marcus), in which the most famous films of the great director are faithfully reproduced with clothes designed by Alessandro Michele. Read more

Debbie Harry, the Marylin of Rock!

“Debbie” by  Beatrice Brandini

Debbie Harry polaroid shot by Andy Warhol, 1980

There are special personalities, something that has nothing to do only with talent or aesthetics, but with what cannot be explained. We could call it allure, charisma, charm, in fact there is no real explanation, much less an exhaustive definition. Do you have it or not, and Debbie Harry has always had some to sell.

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