American Art 1961 – 2001 the spectacle of American art is staged at Palazzo Strozzi.

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Tomato, Del Monte peach, Kellogg’s Corn … boxes, 1964

“Wonder girl” by Beatrice Brandini

From 28 May to 29 August Palazzo Strozzi presents American Art 1961 – 2001, a major exhibition celebrating modern art from the United States of America, through 80 works by 55 artists such as Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, Barbara Kruger, Robert Mapplethorpe, Cindy Sherman and many others. Read more

MAFALDA: pacifist, ecologist, nicely polemic, the little girl who made the revolution.

“Mafalda years 2000” by Beatrice Brandini

Mafalda by Quino

When I was little I had three favorite comics (I already talked about Snoopy), the other two were Zoe (by Arturo and Zoe) and Mafalda. Two sui generis girls, irreverent and funny, very politically incorrect. And it’s kind of weird because I’m actually different, much more conciliatory and I think sweet. Read more

In Biella Douglas Kirkland portrays two divine: Coco and Marilyn

Poster of the Coco + Marilyn exhibition. Beautiful in the center of MI-TO

“Coco and Marilyn” by Beatrice Brandini

From 22 May, the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation reopens the spaces of Palazzo Gromo Losa with the exhibition Coco + Marilyn. Biella at the center of MI-TO, over a hundred shots that portray these two extraordinary women through the eyes of Canadian Douglas Kirkland. Read more

Marcello Dudovich: the artist who invented the poster

“Elisa” by Beatrice Brandini

Watercolor drawing by Marcello Dudovich

A few years ago, in Milan, I had an interview at a very important luxury house, it did not go through (I did not plan to move to Piedmont, an area where the entire supply chain was located). However, I remember that  one of the two owners of the brand, welcomed me in a room where there were some beautiful pencil drawings by Marcello Dudovich. I thought that that could be a valid reason to go to that place every day. Read more

Giovanni Gastel and his unforgettable poetry shots

“Vittoria” by Beatrice Brandini

Shalom Harlow photographed by Giovanni Gastel in 1990

I had wanted to dedicate a post to this great photographer for months, especially after his recent and important monograph exhibition at the MAXXI in Rome. This little story, about this great master, is unfortunately posthumous, since Giovanni Gastel has just left us, this cursed pandemic has taken him too … leaving all those who loved his photos and his poems, astonished and immensely sad. Read more