“GIRLS WITH THE SCARF” by Beatrice Brandini

“The Foulard” by Beatrice Brandini, 2010

“Lolita” by Beatrice Brandini, 2011

Since I was a child, I considered this accessory a sort of Linus blanket, if on the one hand it is actually a way to protect us from the cold, on the other it is something more, a way to feel “warm” psychologically or intimately, transcending the climate and coming to the soul.

Polimoda 1992 final show press kit


Sketch + photo Polimoda fashion show, 1992

If I go back in time, I have high school drawings in which I very often combined my figure’s dress with a scarf, often striped; even at the final Polimoda show (1992) my 5 outfits were linked to this theme. The photos and figures I have attached will certainly appear a little “démodé”, after all 28 years have passed, but the scarf was already there.


Sketch + photo Polimoda fashion show, 1992


Sketch + photo Polimoda fashion show, 1992

Polimoda fashion show sketch, 1992


Sketch + photo Polimoda fashion show, 1992

So when I started painting, spontaneously and unconsciously, at least at first, I realized that all my paintings always had a woman with a scarf. We can see this track on my site, on Pinterest, in short, on everything that tells me about me.



Other sketches made between 1989 and 1992

This is how a critic described me a few years ago:

Beatrice Brandini’s poetics is nourished by her educational path: she paints elegant and refined young women, endowed with style, but also dreamy, ethereal and provocatively innocent. They are the result of the complex female nature, characterized by innumerable facets and contradictions. Often they are portrayed with a long scarf, not an accessory or a decorative element, but an object that fulfills a symbolic function. On the path that leads from adolescence to adulthood, the scarf protects and reassures these women, wrapping their body and soul. “In the absence of human warmth – writes the artist – I have my scarf, and that’s enough for me”.

“Cloud – Violet “ by Beatrice Brandini, 2007

“Alice” by Beatrice Brandini, 2008

“Vanity” by Beatrice Brandini”, 2009

And that’s why I decided to start from here; making sure that “Girls with a scarf” can become a subject of stories, films, books, comics, objects … Something that keeps me company from a very young age, my little “obsession” that becomes a friend, my hallmark, my poetics.

“Melissa and  Charlie” by Beatrice Brandini, 2011

“The Body” by Beatrice Brandini, 2011

“The Innocence” by Beatrice Brandini, 2011

In the future, You will cyclically find stories in which a girl with a scarf will tell something about herself, will try to keep you company and give some advice, so that each woman, girl or child can be one (or the) protagonist with the scarf.

“Annette” by Beatrice Brandini, 2014

“Janet” by  Beatrice Brandini, 2016

“Dorothy nel giardino magico” by Beatrice Brandini, 2016

The desire is to create an army of girls with scarves, since each person can find affection, consideration, affirmation, rights … and through my little stories can smile and recognize that these shortcomings (and I hope redemptions) are the same for each of us.

“New Romantic” di Beatrice Brandini, 2018

W the scarf and long live the girls with the scarf. I am the first!

Good life to everyone!



Milano Unica: trends for the next Fall – Winter 2021/2022

“Monster and Perfumes”, Milano Unica 2020

KS # 1320 “Parfume of Leisure”, mood by Beatrice Brandini

The 31st edition of Milano Unica, the most important textile and accessories fair in the sector, opens today. Important, without being presumptuous or impartial, since it gathers the best producers of artifacts (fabrics and accessories), the same ones that we will see on the catwalks around the world in approx. six months.

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GIampaolo Talani: we will miss you!

“Shadows” by Giampaolo Talani

Pesciolina” by Beatrice Brandini

If somebody had told me that I would have talked about Giampaolo Talani once again, I probably would not have believed it. In fact, in this blog, which has been active for some years now, there are few times I have mentioned the same artist, I have done it for Modigliani, Helmut Newton, Carlo Mollino, John Currin and a few others. But this time the reason is different, in fact I am here, sincerely saddened, like all those who have had the good fortune to know him, to tell once again how interesting and human this artist was. Read more

In the Boboli garden (later in Pietrasanta), “GIVE” by Lorenzo Quinn. Not to forget that nature is our dearest friend.

“Give” by Lorenzo Quinn

“Hands and dolls” by Beatrice Brandini

The beautiful sculpture by the artist Lorenzo Quinn, “GIVE”, was inaugurated today for a month and will be previewed in the Boboli Gardens (in Florence), then move on to Pietrasanta, where it will be installed in the International Sculpture Park. Read more