Helmut Newton on display in San Gimignano, a World Heritage Site.

Photo by Helmut Newton

“Sensuality” by Beatrice Brandini

The grand retrospective dedicated to Helmut Newton, promoted by the Civic Museums of the Municipality of San Gimignano and produced by Opera-Civita with the collaboration of the Helmut Newton Foundation of Berlin, will be inaugurated today at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of San Gimignano.

The exhibition project is by Matthias Harder, curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. Read more

Happy Birthday Barbie, seventy years of a Star!

“Barbie Bowl” limited edition

“Barbie” by Beatrice Brandini

The success of the Barbie doll can be attributed to innumerable factors, but I believe that among all there is the fact that this revolutionary doll represents a free and independent woman, with the ability to be light, fun, beautiful, but also self-confident, interpreter of the aesthetic and cultural transformations that characterized the middle of the last century. Read more

Icon Vintage Dress (part one)

Yves Saint Laurent  interpreted by Beatrice Brandini

Collage of vintage clothes and accessories from a private collection, photo A.G.

A few years ago my blog was born and my first lighting, my first post (June 2013), spoke of the phenomenon of vintage and the most significant fashions in the history of fashion, or “ICON VINTAGE DRESS”. From this idea of mine six years ago, also published on Pinterest and Instagram, I am planning to draw a manual from it, expanding the topic and making it simple and easy to understand, even to those who do not work in the sector, but still follow the passionate fashion. Read more

LEGO: bricks that come to life and make children’s dreams come true.

“Death on the head”, creation of my son

“LEGO groupies” by Beatrice Brandini

I have spoken several times about toys, indispensable means for entertainment and the company of children, but also a way to bring back the great ones to the joys of childhood, and finally protagonists of exhibitions like objects of art and collecting.

But the LEGO deserves a completely separate discussion. Read more

MilanoUnica: trends for the Autumn – Winter 2020/21

Banner MilanoUnica outside the Fabbrica Orobia

“CIRCUS” Mood by Beatrice Brandini

In Milan, at the Fabbrica Orobia, there was a meeting on trends that will accompany us towards the 29th edition of MilanoUnica next July, a meeting that, as usual, dictated the diktats on what will be the directions of fabrics, colors , accessories, for Autumn – Winter 2020-21. New and original suggestions have given life to the thematic path “Ecorotica”, a sort of acronym, or wordplay, in which the main actors are SUSTAINABILITY and HEDONISM. Read more

BAUHAUS: the artists who invented design in the school of wonders.

Joost Schmidt poster for the 1923 exhibition in Weimar

“Astrid” by Beatrice Brandini

In April 1919, Walter Gropius founded the most important art school of the century: the Bauhaus, a real source of ideas that gave rise to masterpieces, but also to small common objects still present in our houses, productions that are origin of the design industry.

Read more

84th edition of Pitti Filati, colors, yarns and trends for Spring Summer 2020. Part one

Lanificio dell’Olivo

“Brunette Girl in knit” by Beatrice Brandini

The 84th edition of Pitti Filati, the fair that anticipates the trends of the future in terms of yarns and colors, is currently underway, hosting “laboratories” such as Spazio Ricerca, Techno Luxury or CustomEASY, explorations between materials and techniques, productive realities and designers. Read more

Fashion show and trends, how our men will dress in the next winter!

“Hommes” by Beatrice Brandini

Timeless men

The Milanese men’s fashion shows have just ended (Autumn – Winter 2019/2020). As for some seasons what emerges from these catwalks is not a real trend, but the many proposals range in many genres, confirming the desire for freedom and madness, now common denominator for men.





However, I highlighted some “rules”, meaning that the man of the next winter will not be able to do without:

A lot of knitwear: sweaters developed and proposed as works of art, the perfect surface for experimenting with drawings and techniques.

ANIMALIER: details but also real pieces of animalier; very often eccentric and in unusual colors.

BLUSON: leather, fabric, nylon … iconic garment for generations (from Porto Front to Top Gun).

SATIN: very chic, declined from evening (perfectly) as in the day, for an urban and modern dandy.

TWEED, CHECK, PRINCIPE DE GALLES and lots of proposed squares.

The protagonist is the BLACK accompanied by orange, red, blue and pink.

SUITS: everywhere the proposal of elegant clothes, in the common desire to see a man a little more elegant and refined.

MOUNTAIN: outdoor sportswear, a twist between heritage and a lot of technology.





A few months ago I had developed these men trends, I must say that the fashion shows have amply confirmed them.


“Vintage Checks” by Beatrice Brandini

VINTAGE CHECKS: many checked woolen fabrics, for a return to the sartorial classicism of the grandfather, or that of the well-made, artisanal, not too pretentious but always stylish. Warm colors with orange and ocher yellow to light all the shades of brown.


“Sport Frosty” by Beatrice Brandini

SPORT FROSTY: water and glaciers are sources of inspiration for this sidereal theme. The texture of the sweaters are inspired by the molecules of water, the ice and the stalactites. The volumes are large, and there is a search for the slenderness like that of a casual look, in reality the materials are very precious and the workings are very technological. Cold colors.


“Mountain” by Beatrice Brandini

MOUNTAIN: it is my favorite theme, that of the mountain in a nostalgic and retro key. In which the sport was done with class, and we started from the equipment. Furs, synthetic or not, for the after-run track. Knit with braids or lozenges, but also with vintage jacquard color effects. Warm colors like tangerine, sunflower yellow, combined with slate and octane greens, and indigo violet.


“Fluid Pastel” di Beatrice Brandini

FLUID PASTEL: theme in which gender identity is erased. Man loves experimenting and provoking, but he especially loves to have fun, the fashion for the next Winter will support him on this journey. The colors will be pastel with a preference for pink. The shapes can be the classic ones of tailored suits or those of sportswear.

These are the most distinctive trends for the next season, good travel man!

Good life to everyone!