Milano Unica: Trends Spring – Summer 2020

MilanoUnica, Spring – Summer 2020

Mood board “FUNKY” by Beatrice Brandini

As always very interesting the meeting with the preview of Milano Unica for the trends of Spring – Summer 2020.

The location was the very charming Fabbrica Orobia, a structure deliberately left in its original state, an old industrial factory of 1920. In the heart of Milan, in an area that is becoming a reference point for art, culture and fashion ( also thanks to the Prada Foundation, next door). “The presentation takes place for the first time at the Fabbrica Orobia, a location that boasts a long industrial history. – explains the President of Milano Unica Ercole Botto PaolaIt is our way of paying tribute to the manufacturing tradition and the know-how of the Italian textile industry, but also to stimulate an increasingly concrete approach towards innovation and sustainability … “ Read more

Happy Anniversary Mickey Mouse! The most famous mouse in the world is 90 years old.

Vintage Mickey Mouse from my collection

“Topina” by Beatrice Brandini

A small personality with the task of snatching a laugh”. So Walt Disney described Mickey Mouse. And he was definitely right because it’s been ninety years since Mickey entertains, impassions millions of people around the world, proving that maybe he was not just a small personality … Read more

Yarns: trends for Autumn – Winter 2019/20 (part one)

Yarns proposal Spazio Ricerca Pitti Filati

“Kaleidoscope and Game Yarn” by Beatrice Brandini

Knitting trends for Autumn – Winter 2019/2020 exhibited at Pitti Filati, highlighted a main theme W.W.W. dedicated to those generations that in 2018 will turn eighteen and have revolutionized uses and consumption thanks (or for the fault) of the network. A generation that communicates, acquires, conquers and loves, in a place that breaks the laws of space and time.

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Men Trends for Spring-Summer 2019, the best things seen at the fair.


“Check” by Beatrice Brandini

The men’s fashion season, made of collections, catwalks and salons, opens with the 94th Pitti Uomo. This season’s leitmotif is P.O.P, or Pitti Optical Power. An acronym behind an optimistic, energetic, popular message.

Yes, because fashion has changed a lot, abandoning the strict aesthetic codes and diktats of creatives or celebrities that very little fit the daily life of modern life, today you can dress with more freedom, mixing styles, freely interpreting different roles according to occasions ” ‘use and consumption “. Read more

Trends Milano Unica Fall – Winter 2019 – 2020

A glimpse of Milano Unica Preview, Milano Unica credits

Mood board “Techno Romantic Azerbaijan” di Beatrice Brandini

An other interesting meeting took place in Milan with the preview of the trends for Autumn Winter 2019 – 20 promoted and organized by Milano Unica.

In this edition the theme is “Nations to Nations”, a manifesto that has various and very current keys of interpretation. Essentially “United to be Unique”, wants to promote a message of positivity and of union between peoples and cultures, an invitation to collaboration and the symbolic link between different people and traditions. It seemed to me a very important message in a historical moment in which someone wants to build walls, and many afflict people or entire populations who know nothing but despair. Read more

Fall / Winter 2018 – 19 fashion shows: how will we dress next winter?


“Candice” by Beatrice Brandini

The fashion shows for the next Fall Winter ended; New York, London, Milan and finally Paris, have seen very different collections as protagonists, confirming an idea of creative fashion but above all FREE. We will dress as we please and like, without diktat and constraints, and finally, without taking ourselves too seriously. Read more

The Uffizi with its new extraordinary rooms dedicated to Caravaggio and 17th century painting.

Caravaggio: Medusa, 1598 Oil on canvas on convex shield. Uffizi Gallery Florence

“Corallina” (particular) by Beatrice Brandini

On Monday 17 February, eight new rooms were inaugurated in the prestigious Uffizi Museum, wing of the Levante, dedicated to Caravaggio and 17th-century painting.

Eight rooms characterized by evocative names such as: “Caravaggio: the Medusa”, “Caravaggio: the Bacchus”, “Galileo and the Medici”, “Caravaggio and Artemisia”, just to name a few, but definitely suggestive is the beauty of the exhibited works. Read more