SYMBOL ITEMS: Clothes and Accessories that resist time!

“Symbol Items” by Beatrice Brandini

Mix of Symbol Items

I have already talked about iconic clothes and bags, and also of indispensable pieces, respectively in:

But today I want to talk about clothes that have been, are, and will be tomorrow, a classic in the history of costume. Some of them simply because they revolutionized what was previously, breaking patterns and conventions (I think of the miniskirt), others because they are necessary for a faster and more comfortable life (sneakers and all sportswear), others still because they are capable to resist over time, still modern. Read more

Ops, a picture fell on my dress!

“La Cubista” by Beatrice Brandini

2012 Jil Sander fashion show, Picasso inspiration

Fashion and art have always been contaminated. Already in ancient times the artists were fascinated by fashion and drew inspiration for their representations; on the other hand, the tailors and craftsmen looked to the world of art for the realization of their artifacts. Read more

Federico Fellini: the legend of Italian cinema.

Federico Fellini

“Stellina” by Beatrice Brandini

An exhibition in Rimini, which will end in March but which will pass the baton in Rome, “Fellini 100”, and another which will be inaugurated at Palazzo Reale in 2021, pay tribute, on the centenary of his birth (20 January 1920), to one of the most important personalities of international cinematography: Federico Fellini. Read more