Mendini: the architect-designer who loves Harlequin and Proust

Alessandro Mendini armchair “Proust”, for Alchimia “Beautiful” by Beatrice Brandini If there is an item that I would like to own more than a piece of jewelry or anything else “important” is (together with the library of Sottsass, the “Carlton”), the Proust chair by Mendini. Because there are things that you see for the first […]

Pirelli calendar: the evolution of the body between seduction and sensuality

Steven Meisel Pirelli Calendar 2015, Raquel Zimmerman “Dangerous curves” by Beatrice Brandini In Milan, the Royal Palace, there is a beautiful exhibition dedicated to the Pirelli Calendar, “Form and Desire.” The history of the world’s most popular calendar, cult object and collection, a trip along 50 years (the first edition was presented in 1964), witness […]

Surrealism and Fashion: mouths, eyes, hands … magnificent presence of amazing outfits.

Salvator Dali cover for Vogue, 1939  “Surrealism in Fashion” by Beatrice Brandini “Making slave imagination is the height of foolishness.” André Breton I love Elsa Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Mugler, Moschino, Prada,  as Dalí, Duchamp, Cocteau, and all those artists who experiment, desecrate, break the mold and play with their art. Giving “sensational” emotions.