Lights and windows in Florence … Happy 2015 !!!

1 cavalli copertina

Roberto Cavalli window

2 finale

“Party” by Beatrice Brandini

Wandering in the city I photographed the outfits most precious ones you would feel the protagonist of a fairy tale, but also the most original,  hoping to make you come some idea. However in the end it does not matter if what you wear will be precious and luxurious, it will be the last year, or the market under the house. Feel a “Princess” (or Prince) and probably will become.  Happy New Year to all!

3 fendi 1    4 fendi 2

Fendi, modern elegance

5 Fendi

Fendi, is a bag or a small poem?

6 ferretti SPAZIO A   7 ferretti 2

Alberta Ferretti by Spazio A, shantung or ancient paper candy? beautiful garments!

9 la perla

8 la perla 2

La Perla, when lingerie is a dream

10 luisa   11 luisa 3

Luisa via Roma, Chinese New Year, or Alice in Lapland? Beautiful!

12 luisa 5   13 luisa 6

Luisa via Roma

14 Max Mara copertina   15 max mara 2

Max Mara, the class is not water …

16 dolce e gabbana 3   17 dolce e gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana, tradition, femininity, humor,  and an advance of next Spring

18 bottega   19 bottega 2

Bottega Veneta, weaves magic

20 gerard loft 2   21 gerard loft

Gerard Loft, came a special Circus in town. I LIKE !!!

22 gerard

Gerard Loft

23 scorcio 4

An obelisk in front of a beautiful facade, the Palazzo Spini Feroni


A nostalgic carousel for children

25 scorcio 3

26 bis scorcio 6

Impossible not to be enraptured and distract from the views of Florence

26 cartier   27 cartier 2

Cartier, for true Princesses

28 flow

Flow, avant-garde and “chaos” creative

29 gucci   Gucci orsetto

Gucci, WOW! A modern elegance!

30 hermes    31 hermes 2

Hermès, robots and reindeer, I want them in my house / garden,  great idea!

32 miu miu 3    33 miu miu 4

Miu Miu, I have incredibly loved it

34 miu miu    35 miu miu 2

Miu Miu, a young lady who is very familiar with the Bon Ton

36 miu miu 5   37 miu miu 6

Miu Miu

38 la rinascente

Facade of the Rinascente

39 bis guess 

Guess, for an evening sexy and fun

39 moschino    40 moschino 3

Moschino Cheap and Chic in Spazio A. Moschino was one of my first loves, so impossible to “forget”

41 moschino 4   42 moschino 5

Moschino by Spazio A, ironic and beautiful handbags

43 ovs 2

44 ovs

OVS (Oviesse), you can be pretty even with a small budget

45 scervino 2   46 scervino

Ermanno Scervino, defuse the luxury succeeding to perfection

47 bulgari 2 

Bulgari, sometimes it is also nice to dream

48 bulgari   49 bulgari 3


50 vuitton 2   51 vuitton 4

52 vuitton   Vuitton abito

Louis Vuitton, the charm and elegance of French not discussed ever

53 pepe

Patrizia Pepe, a modern streetwear

54 save the queen

Save the Queen, unusual and interesting hairstyle / headpiece


Sometimes you just need a better look, looking up …

murales finale

A brilliant writer who leaves his mark on a wall

Happy New Year to everyone and never as now GOOD LIFE TO ALL!



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