The children’s room …. Toys and furniture in the collection Marzadori 1900 -1950

Poster of the exhibition “The children’s room”     “Flower”  by Beatrice Brandini In Bologna, until June 15, there is a beautiful exhibition at the  Sala Borsa Library, “The children’s room.” Toys and furniture collections from Marzadori collection, 1900-1950. It ‘s a  wonderful place already, lying in the center of Bologna, in the beautiful Piazza […]

The White T-shirt: a basic item with a dual personality, may be heading slogan, or understatement elegance

Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire”     “Hamptons” Beatrice Brandini  The T-shirt, preferably white, is an item that lends itself to various interpretations, especially for informal recreation, but with the right accessories, it can become an elegant and definitely “cool” piece. But the strength of the t-shirts is also to be through an advertisement, […]

Men Trends: Fall/Winter 2015-16

 Men dream….    The Detail… by Beatrice Brandini Today I talk about trends for men, in general I do it less often than women, because women’s fashion is becoming more prominent (hundreds of magazines, many important fairs, references, models, stars, it girls .. blogger!), however even these, the male ones, are very important and especially […]