Pitti Filati 77: World premiere A / W 2016-17 collections of knitting yarn. First Part


 Olivo Filati proposal


“Knits and Yarns” by Beatrice Brandini

Pitti Filati ended by presenting the excellence of internationally filature. It is a confirmation of the buyers from all over the world in search of inspiration, but also raw materials for the most important fashion brands.

3    4

Feel the Yarn, competition for aspiring designers from a selection of the best fashion schools in the world. This year’s theme was DUAL, contrast and fusion of elements opposed to volumes, raw material, processing and color.

5    6

Feel the Yarn

7    8

Feel the Yarn

9    10

Feel the Yarn

11    12

Feel the Yarn

13    14

Feel the Yarn

15    16

Feel the Yarn

17    19

Feel the Yarn

21    22

Feel the Yarn

23    24

Feel the Yarn

26    25

Feel the Yarn

27    28

Stand construction MILLEFILI. A kaleidoscope of colorful puppets becomes a wall playful and  charming

 30    29

Stand construction MILLEFILI

31    32

Proposal jacquard patterns and yarns MILLEFILI. Cold shades cold, as ice, charcoal … living with dusty shades such as stucco, clay and argil

33    34

Proposal jacquard patterns and yarns MILLEFILI

 35    36

Stand construction MILLEFILI. Clothespins colored like pieces of a puzzle, pliers customized realized on stage by talented portrait artists / cartoonists

 37    38

E. Miroglio. Many jacquard designs presented at the fair, as  these from E. Miroglio like tapestries or valuable beautiful carpets

 39    40

Other beautiful proposals E. Miroglio

41    42

E. Miroglio

 45   44   43

E. Miroglio

 48    49

Di.vé. Fluid and ethereal shapes with a beautiful color palette

 50    51


 52   53   54

That’s VINTAGECOLOR! Inside the halls there was a small installation of dummies with vintage outfits, to call attention to the other display, the Stazione Leopolda “Vintage Selection n.26.” Or exhibitors from all over Italy which offer the best of vintage clothing and accessories.

 55   56   57


 58   59   60


Appointment with the second part, the trends of the space research and my personal view …

Good life to all!




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