1 A spasso con Charlie

“Walking with Charlie” by Beatrice Brandini

“Beast” street

The holiday season is usually one in which we are persuaded by emotional impulses, but, paradoxically, it is also the moment when someone makes the worst cowards, especially to animals. That is why I titled this post “Ww are the worst beast”, coming out completely from my “royalties” and interests, giving voice to the outrage that the subject arouses, I think, in millions.


Irresistible cats …

I trust in men, convinced that there are wonderful people around us, but unfortunately there are also many beings (human name only) that express everyday malice and anger … foolishly and selfishly, especially when the recipients of what are animals and children.

The animals, which this post is dedicated, that without words but just as eloquently express themselves, they love us unconditionally, often they are the favorite victims of our frustrations.


Irresistible dogs …

Think twice before taking an animal in the house, dog, cat, rabbit, turtle … because, once decided, that animal must become part of your family. Their affection will be equal, often superior to yours, therefore it does not deserve your good, your care, your attention. Having a pet also means sacrifice, devote part of your life to him, but the love does not have self-interest. Who abandons an animal is a coward and it’s like abandoning a person.




“L’Ours” by Jean Jacques Annaud, 1988




“Gorilla in the mist” by Michael Apted, 1988

Recently on the radio I heard the story of a hypothetical letter from a dog to its owners, people who cravenly abandoned him. There was no malice in his words, nor resentment .. Then I thought back to some things that I lived or have told me, in which the characters were animals.


“Marley & Me” by David Franklen, 2008

When I was a child once on the highway I saw a parked car with the door open, had sent down a dog grabbing him by the legs, initially I thought that the break serve for take refreshment, a walk or a necessity, but then I realized … I noticed the dog was trying to climb on the machine while the “beast” shoved him down … I was not doing it to stay still “ready” to understand how a man could be so cruel. For so long I have not talked to anyone about what I had seen, I was so traumatized, I remember that episode as one of the ugliest things I witnessed.


“A dog’s tale” by Lasse Hallström, 2009




“Life of Pi” by Ang Lee, 2012

Think of the ill-treatment suffered by animals in every part of the world, to experiment, to  stupid test cosmetics, to satisfy our insatiable hunger for exotica, cruel games and betting, as trophies to adorn walls funeral ….

merlo per la pbsn 


My husband found a baby blackbird in a forest, was wounded once won his instinctive mistrust, he managed to grab it and take it home. Cured him, picketing his leg, and healed him … He fond a lot, but despite that brought him back to the place where he found it and gave it back to her nature, blackbird stared at him, emotionally and naively thought that he wanted to thank … Returning home with nostalgia for that friendship already born, he was happy because he was convinced that he had done the right thing.

tony migliore


Always talking about my husband, his family had a dog named Tony, a mutt of immense tenderness that was once hit by a car and broke his leg. They took him to a veterinarian who told them, without many words, that it is not a purebred dog or hunting, we could also suppress … outraged by these terrible words, they brought him home, he took care … Tony despite the suffering he could heal, cared for with perseverance and love, just like a child. Tony has been a presence essential to his whole family, especially for my father in law who had with him a natural feeling, they were made for each other; Tony recognized the sound of his car already hundreds of meters, wagging his tail and jumping for joy. At that mediocre vet I would say many things, some unpronounceable, but above all that  he was not able to understand the sentimental value that is created between animals and owners, had its own wrong job … Also because the first quality of a doctor should be their humanity.

13 Rocky e b

The Rocky

I also had a dog, a German shepherd named Rocky. I will not dwell on the fact that he characterized with joy and love throughout my childhood, but about an important episode, if I had lived and they had told me, probably would not have believed. Rocky died (you know male name to a female, but at that time raged Stallone with his boxing saga and my brother wanted to call it that …) after 13 years the day of his “departure” he expected that everybody back to home to permanently close his eyes … resisting many hours just to watch us and greet us,  for the last time … a gift for each member of the family, as if to thank you for sharing with her that time so wonderful.


Evidence of painting at the Museum Richard Ginori, protagonists children ….

Speaking of these puppies I could not forget the puppies of man, the children that, just like animals, are often helpless and exploited in every horrible way. Victims of our selfishness and our dissatisfactions.


Lego giant, space research Pitti Filati 2014

We arte projected into the future but what we see is a primitive behavior by men and there is no excuse we deserve the appellation “We are the worst beast!”


Flower on the sand 

I admire this flower when I go to the sea, it grows in a hostile environment, in the dunes of sand, dryness and wind, is beautiful and strong, I want to dedicate it to those suffering, proving that in life you can always be reborn.

17    18

Animals as man’s best friend in fashion … Beatrice Brandini

It’s time to make room for the “higher consciousness”, people of quality, capable, whose first value is the honesty and seriousness. I once heard “with great power comes great responsibility”, We have instead “with great power comes great superficiality”, sometimes even fall into the ridiculous, there is no need certainly of a genius to realize that We are too far away from what should be.

mamma gatta equilibrista

Other cute animals…. Mother cat acrobat

  graziosa cagnolina

and pretty dog


19 bis Love animals gabbia

Love Animals by Beatrice Brandini

Good life to all, especially to animals and children, the first victims of our many errors ..


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