Mod: nostalgia and revival of a movement pure and passionate

1 Quadrophenia

Quadrophenia poster, 1979

2 Leslie

“Cheryl” Beatrice Brandini

London, and beyond, it is pervaded by a new wave that could be called “Mod Revival.” Showcases men’s clothing (especially the beautiful Fall/Winter 2015-16 fashion show of Tom Ford), see protagonists  tight and fitting shapes, coats and jackets with cuts sixties, ankle pants, narrow jackets with three buttons, “psychedelic” or optical pattern…., an elegant and modern fashion, just like the movement that inspired it. 

 3 AW15_MENS_LOOK  4 AW15_MENS  5 Tom-Ford-Mens-Latest-Ready-to-Wear-Fall-outfits-2015-1

Tom Ford lookbook  A / W 2015-16 men collection

The word “Mod” is derived from Modernism and identifies a subculture (a social group of people with similar characteristics who seek to differentiate themselves from the mainstream culture) formed at the end of the fifties in London. Current that wanted to rebel against the system and the bourgeoisie (which are a bit the same thing …) of that time.

6 jean shrimpton   7

Jean Shrimpton, supermodel and muse of incredible beauty in the sixties

Their style, unlike that of other movements like hippies or punks, is characterized as elegant, refined, with some must that survive today.

8 twiggy-mod-closeup

Twiggy, another icon of British fashion, revolutionized the idea of the model with simplicity and candor, extremely “MODERN”

I’m not a big fan of this movement, probably because is doesn’t born belong to our country, but also because I have not lived also when it was rediscovered; however I recognize to it a style that has a consistent elegance, despite being made of essentially parka jeans and t-shirts (also elegant three-button suits of Italian origin!), mainly thanks to an icon like Paul Weller to which must its revival in the late seventies.

If I had a fashion male brand made this my favorite testimonials, considering he an extremely charismatic and elegant man, who, like some quality wines, aging improves.


 Paul Weller

10 The Who Mod Target

The Who

11 mods-the-who

Another photo of the Who


A young Paul Weller with Pete Townshend, The Who historic guitarist 


Paul Weller


Liam Gallagher of Oasis


Liam Gallagher

One can not speak of the mods without talking about music, oriented by soul, ska and rhythm and blues (R & B), they are identified with groups such as The Who and the Small Faces (seventies), then with the Style Council by Paul Weller (eighties), to get to the Oasis and Bleur in the nineties

The mods moved using Italian scooters, like the Lambretta or Vespa.


Posters Quadrophenia, the 1979 film directed by Franc Roddam


Jimmy and Steph riding a Lambretta



Quadrophenia, film based on the eponymous album by The Who (one of the ten most important rock albums in history, 1973), tells, through the life of its protagonist Jimmy, the English of the sixties generation, divided between Mods and Rockers. Movie poster able to masterfully describe the youth rebellion of those years.


Logo symbol of the Mod movement, the target of the Royal Air Force

The identifying logo of the mod movement is the circle in three colors, a target, symbol of the Royal English Air Force.

20  21  22

“Mod must” (Parka – Tee – Paisley dress – Optical pattern..) by Beatrice Brandini

“Mod is not born, it does not became: mod it turns out to be. Who is the mod is for life and not for a certain period of time “. On the site of the Statuto … maybe the only Italian band to be regarded as truly mod.

Good life to all!





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