88 ° Pitti Uomo: menswear starts with the Spring/Summer 2016. Part one


Pitti Colors, leitmotiv 88th Pitti Uomo


“A touch of classic” by Beatrice Brandini

Opened today in Florence the 88th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, the largest and most important trade fair in the world for men’s clothing. 

This edition is full of color, PITTI COLORS!, the banner of Africa (topic was never more present here for artistic and creative reasons, somewhere else, but near us, for stories of war, misery and despair) and LUXURY. And it is this the point that I noticed most of the stands, the italian luxury, understood as skill, craftsmanship, preciousness (from raw materials to the realization of garments and collections).


4  5

Performance “Pitti Color!”

Starring 1,178 brands (Wow !!!) which 42% comes from 30 different countries.


From the UNCONVENTIONAL pavlion..Suzusan, precious scarves

7   8

MOVE Roma, hats … here is much more than just a hat

9  10


11  12

Los Vladimirovich, avangarde




Arctico, nice this “exercise” to mix tradition with eccentricity and sportswear


All Need, a sportswear line very pretty, fresh and “easy” (finally!), Beautiful accessories


Bluemint, I loved this line men’s for beach with micropatterns extremely refined but also “light” and fun. A fairy tale!

17  18  19


Pitti this season brings to the stage African stories, with the project “Constellation Africa”, four designers who produce in their origin countries, from South Africa to the Ivory Coast, from Nigeria to Angola, small reality with a strong local identity, collections that mix tradition and modernity, “folklore” and avant-garde. Names already known among insiders but ready for the big jump in popularity.


Shockly still a line of sportswear / lifestyle, with nice sneakers



22   23

Superga, here different, original, custumizzed … but always a must, even (especially) in the basic version

24    25



Penguin, original tradition




Ash, interesting weaving

29    29 bis cantarelli

Cantarelli, style, tradition and impeccable quality


Canterelli, twill proposals wonderfully modern

31  32

Marcoliani, Socks … irresistible

Pitti Colors is the guiding theme of the salon; theme optimistic and very summery (the crisis defeats even with the positive energy and color!), in fact the rooms iare flooded with a kaleidoscope of light and color effects really interesting, the set design is by Oliviero Baldini.

33  34

Exhibition Pitti Colors! Charming and different, very interesting


Exhibition Pitti Colors!

36    37

Franco Ferrari, very cute stand

38  39

Franco Ferrari, beautiful scarves

40   41

Pinko, these beautiful sneakers mixing space / future with 80s, but always very feminine

Another new feature, already anticipated by some big brands, most notably with the Prada fashion show “genderless” of February, where the catwalk male models alternated female models, covering essentially the same collection, is the inclusion of proposals for women, up to today at the Pitti W, within Open, section that overcomes the barriers of sex and gender.


Jour Ferie, beautiful shoes,  unstructured with a retro flavor

43    44

Altea, is always a pleasure for the eyes and for the satisfaction to be italian when these products are like these

45   46

Altea, irresistible fantasies, impeccable tailoring


F.Clio, beautiful accessories, shapes, materials and drawings / prints really interesting



Unconventional, area that explores a modern luxury, avant-garde and a little underground.

Future Male, Touch and Other Men are special projects of men’s fashion, marked by value names in design, national and international, of tomorrow.


Stefano Ricci, precious things, the real luxury

50   51

Stefano Ricci


Rumisu, poetic handkerchiefs out of time, very beautiful



54    55

ANTONIA & Pitti Immagine, collaboration between Pitti Uomo and one of the top retail the most important in the world. GOLDMANIAC project that sees limited edition iconic products, revisited or “cured” by Antonia


ANTONIA & Pitti Uomo

58   57

ANTONIA & Pitti Uomo


Cambiaghi, accessories but especially beautiful hats!

60    61

Yuketen, scarpe che mescolano tradizione con innovazione e design, belle


62    63


64    65

Robinson les Bains, refined bechwear collection. As being able to have class with a  swimsuit for him, exercise not easy …

 66    67

Arpenteur, leisure collection, esprit French chic but wearable, really pretty!

 68    69

L72, this particular and interesting collection, full of color. Perfectly realized, a lone voice

70    71

An Italian Theory, to me a confirmation. I love this project is, in every respect, perfectly consistent


An Italian Theory

Pitti confirms a platform sensitive and able to intercept new climates and new trends, which go far beyond the clothes and collections, we talk about projects that mix sociology, needs, culture, becoming a witness of our time.

A tomorrow (or later) with the second part and some trends that will develop for you from Pitti.

Good life to all!


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