A Pope of fashion

Papa Francesco

Francesco Pope kissing a baby


“CANDID SOULS” by Beatrice Brandini

We emerge in each of us only the good qualities and good intentions: “WE MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!” Beatrice Brandini

This time I want to talk about Pope Francesco, a Pope who from the moment he was elected has already changed the face of the Church, “a Pope of fashion!”

I know this is very different topic compare those treated as of now, but I think that the election of this Pope, as well as his daily piercing and revolutionize statements, are something to be commented, valued, loved …., something that is making the Church less distant and especially less superb.

I’m not a practitioner, but I am a believer, even if the vicissitudes of recent years, scandals and especially the shame of child abuse, I was away from the faith.

This Pope, however, made me realize that, as always, are the people who make things happen, are the people who can change them, are the people with their sincerity and kindness make “miracles”.

I am reminded even the great Don Gallo, who died recently, who, with his thin and suffering face, has spent all his life to helping the least, a man who was just what should be a christian, a priest … , the Church.

Or I can think of one who was called the good Pope, Giovanni XXIII, a phrase stuck with me, from the stories of my father:

“When you go home give a caress to your children…”

Tthese are just some of the many phrases of Papa Francesco; declare innovative is almost reductive, especially if these are a Pope says:

“May the Lord keep us young in the heart”;

“If we have found the meaning of life in Jesus, we can not be indifferent to one who suffers”;

“The charity, patience, and tenderness are beautiful treasures. When you have them, you want to share it with the other “;

“Dear young people, learn from St. Joseph, who has had difficult times, but he never lost faith and has been able to overcome them”;

“That’s great if each of us in the evening could say: Today I made an action of love for others”;

“Dear young people, buried the talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream big things! ”

“The real power is the service. The Pope must serve everyone, especially the poor, the weak, the little ones!;

“Who am I to judge a gay? …”;

“How would a Church poor and for the poor”;

Papa Francesco con alcuni giovani

Pope Francesco with some young

I love this opening to those who have always been persecuted; this modern language aimed at young people, such as incitement to follow their ideals and passions; this host will towards all, especially towards immigrants; understand that the real problems are others, such as tragedy of unemployment that makes men without dignity …

This Pope has the charisma of someone who has a good heart, believers or not, will drag the crowds (he is already doing), will give hope to the needy and the reason to the men of power, for this Francesco is a Pope of fashion, without wanting, he conquers the people and makes it better. In the future will affect many our personal choices and important, I’m sure.

We are living in a difficult period, so it’s time to consider, for what they are, badness, envy, falsehood, arrogance, rudeness …. , “Flaws” and pejorative deleterious to society, not virtues. We emerge in each of us only the good qualities and good intentions: “WE MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!”

Good life to all!



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