Accessories Fall/Winter 2014/15: style, creativity and freedom … styles in comparison


Collage catwalk A / W 2014-15  


Mood by Beatrice Brandini

In a few weeks we will be back at full speed, work, home, school, change of cabinets season, courses for children … jumping as athletes from side to side, hoping not to neglect anything, with the knowledge to do it always.

But there is something beautiful and exciting in the change of season, especially among what separates the Summer from Fall and Winter from Spring it is FASHION. Whether you can completely revamp your wardrobe, or you can simply buy a facsimile of the bag of your dreams …., fashion is always with you and can make you dream again …

The fashion for the next season is reconfirmed beautiful, a kaleidoscope of colors, materials, shapes, inspiration …, everyone can play with everything, especially with accessories, finding your own style. I have listed 4 currents stronger, but you’re always free to dress as you please!

1    2 BIS Meraviglia

Wonderland….                                              “Wonder” by Beatrice Brandini

The first theme I called “CARTOON”. Eccentricities, extravagance, these are special keywords. Along with the imagination and the desire to impress, not to go unnoticed. It ‘s very funny because the accessories of this theme are a kind of still with childhood, a way to never grow up, at least through the use of a bag or a pair of shoes … therefore a way innocent and harmless , never as now this might just be a THERAPY …

2    3

Moschino bag                                                              Braccialini bag

4    5

Dior shoes

6    7

Moschino shoulder belt

8    9

Valentino shoes                                                              Charlotte Olympia

10    11

Prada shoes

12    13

Chanel shoes                                  Moschino bag

14 cover smartphone     15 cover iphone

Moschino smartphone cover                Moschino Iphone cover

16    17

Charlotte Olympia bags

The second theme I called “LUXURY CROCODILE.” It ‘a theme valuable but without the glitz, the most precious materials like crocodile, coconut, ostrich, python … interpret traditional forms, sometimes severe, is the material that makes the difference and not the form. Accessories to be used even in daylight, very easy and wearable, thanks to classic colors like black, brown or gray.

18 bis    19 bis

Crocodile…..                                      “Victory” by Beatrice Brandini

18 tods 2


19Fendi    20 bottega veneta

Fendi                                                                            Bottega Veneta

21 Armani    22 Missoni

Giorgio Armani                                                         Missoni

23 gucci   24 trussardi 2 

Gucci                                                                    Trussardi

25 max mara

Max Mara

I called “NEW FOLK” the third theme, is another theme “rich” and opulent, but not intended as use of fine materials, but rather as a precious manual, made of embroidery, appliqué, unusual combinations. Imprinting is a nomadic and free  spirit, ethnic, traveler. Important to the use of fur, real or synthetic, effect bear, mongolia, astrakhan.

26 bis    27 bis

Ribs of vintage books                        Lady Folk” by Beatrice Brandini

26    27 etro

Fendi                                                                            Etro

28 n21due    29 etro 3

N.21                                                                               Etro

30 Missoni 3    31 missoni 4


32 ferragamo    33 n21

Salvatore Ferragamo                                                  N.21

34 giorgio armani

Giorgio Armani

35 calvin klein

Calvin Klein

36    37 bis

Advertise 50s “Smith Corona”                     “Jennifer” by Beatrice Brandini

I have defined “SECRETARY” the last theme, a theme more formal, citizen, in which the bags are worn mostly by hand, and shoes are low, comfortable, with a “reinforcement” type tank or often with an important sole. But is an apparent simplicity, they are precious accessories, sophisticated and very avant-garde.

37 tods    38 giorgio armani

Tod’s                                                                       Giorgio Armani



40 marni    41 giorgio armani

Marni                                                                     Giorgio Armani

42 tods


43 tods    44 trussardi

Tod’s                                                                Trussardi



Good life to all!





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