Aldo Fallai by Giorgio Armani to the Renaissance

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Poster of the Exhibition at Villa Bardini


“Zelda” by Beatrice Brandini

In the prestigious and historic Villa Bardini in Florence, until the 16th of March, there is a beautiful view of the master of contemporary photography Aldo Fallai: “Aldo Fallai by Giorgio Armani to the Renaissance. Photographs 1978-2013 “.

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The exhibition is enriched by an exhibition also at the Museo Bardini and is curated by art historians Martina Corgnati and Carlo Sisi.

The exhibition offers visitors a journey that will reveal the excellence of Italian fashion in its most representative, the eighties.

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With this exhibition the great Italian fashion returns to Florence, where it was born in 1951, thanks to Count Giovan Battista Giorgini that in the halls of the family’s ancient palace organized the first fashion show event with 11 Italian designers, inviting the most important American buyers of the time.

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The career of Aldo Fallai is inseparable from that of Giorgio Armani, having worked with him for decades, creating some of the best advertising campaigns of all time, contributing to the birth and the consecration of the Made in Italy.

It ‘a historic moment that celebrated and immortalized by Fallai, a chapter of the most beautiful of our fashion. His photographs have been able to marry and enhance the style of Armani, impressing and exporting all over the world.

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Even some of the most important things in our life can happen by chance, and that is how the case came to the photograph in the life of Fallai. In fact, it is thanks to a meeting with Armani that the two talents cross, and when a few years after the great designer designs a line for a Tuscan company, decides to call own Fallai to photograph. This marriage will last twenty-eight years.

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I lived through that period and I remember very well the photos of Fallai for Armani in various fashion magazines. The style was distinguished by all, a little for the new concept of woman and fashion promoted by Armani, revolutionary and a bit’ androgen, (we think at the feminine tailleur)  a little for photos of Fallai, elegant, timeless, black and white, in charge of the clothes on the teacher, using models charming and elegant, not always classically beautiful, but absolutely fine. Fallai, Florence, has definitely stored images of Renaissance art, but also film and theater, creating an innovative and classic aesthetics at the same time.


Is an exhibition to see, there are many and beautiful photos on display, but beyond that is a very good exhibition that demonstrates an important historical period for the Italian fashion, a time when great designers, great artists, great creative minds have given way to the concept of Made in Italy which still represents a crowning achievement, as well as excellence, for our country.

Terrazza Bardini

Panoramic terrace of Villa Bardini, one more reason….

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