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Gerberas and sunflowers in a bottle ….

Redingote turchese ok 

“Turquoise redingote” by Beatrice Brandini

“We make a caress to our beautiful Earth instead of slapping continuously exploiting it beyond measure, take care of it, it’s the raw material of our prosperity ” Beatrice Brandini

I would like this post to be read also and especially by those who have the power to change things, it is my thoughts without any presumption or pretension.

The shot that has fueled this discussion took place today when I came home, I witnessed an accident. There was a lady on the ground but wound machines (apart from some manic curiosity to see dramatic things) continued to hurtle forward completely oblivious. Someone will probably be late and wanted to, or had to, go home /work, but unfortunately I think for the most part it was an absolute indifference , or the fear of being ” involved ” and wasting time. We are so accustomed to seeing or hearing things that we do not most painful event . We are so taken by ourselves, problems and everyday life , there is no room for more. Let us pause for a moment, breathe … Let a smile to our neighbor, the bartender will prepare us for our morning coffee, the machine joined to our queued in one of the many Italian tangential. We are absorbed and dependent on our cell phones (many heads recumbent rather than attentive to the road, or, pure utopia, to the neighbour) that almost does not even speak anymore, we check them constantly as if they were an extension of ourselves, or of our lives. But really, other real needs, are just a surrogate .

Albero tipo coccodrillo

Tree “crocodile”, photo A.G.

To this I say go back , when perhaps with less technology and fewer things were more “free” and happy.

I’ll look rhetoric and overly sentimental, but I think my husband tells me that he had as a companion game to a cap of Coca Cola, if I compare this situation to my son’s room (but it could be that of any other child of his age ), I you’d think, and I wonder if all the things that make it really happier than his father.

We buy and consume in an exaggerated way, the waste we generate, especially food, could feed entire countries.


Flower water, photo A.G.

I am a person who loves everything, and certainly mainly fashion and everything that goes around, I love objects, accessories, books, music … in practice everything has a rather short life cycle, I have always spent everything I earned, convinced that the economy needs to be run and can be done thanks to “wasteful” people like me. But I think that in recent years has really exaggerated, threatening to reach a point of no return.

And I wonder why Italians should spend their free time in shopping malls or in the outlet citadel? Why these places are not affected, or only in part, as the everywhere crisis? Indeed they are open seven days a week with rhythms and times really inhuman, especially for those who work there. It ‘s sad . Why instead of reading a good book, feed the imagination, going to the park or visit an exhibition, we prefer to buy more? We are adjusting to the “American model”, our favorite pastime is buying. I’m not saying that we should not do, I just say that you could do also something else, which is to alternate “play” activities ” with others different, a little more “deep” and personal. At the end you leave in the head and in the heart, something.

scultura Folon

Sculpture Folon, photo A.G.

Rewind, rewind the tape and go back ….

Even the technology and progress if they are not in the service of man, to accelerate  its destruction .

As research has value and gives a contribution if it is used for charitable purposes and for the diffusion, facilitating the work and merit of scientists and researchers who work for the good of humanity . An Italian heart beats like a German, English , French, American, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese , Swedish…heart, let us join these beats by developing and maintaining a ” blood pressure” in constant health. Certain values are universal. As my son says: ” came to me a great idea”,  let’s take the word “International” its precise meaning, right, the “true” union  between nations and peoples.

Farfalla macaone

Swallowtail butterfly, photo A.G.

I do not claim to have said something “high” or deep, probably aided by the Christmas time, that year after year I seem to lose more and more of its primary meaning, religious, sentimental, moral, I thought it was just do this reflection, starting with myself, and then with all the people who follow me and often understand much more than just  “façade”. If than anyone has even thought about these few words, I will be even happier.

Good life to all !


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