Hats off!

1 Cappello copertina

Hat Beatrice Brandini 

2 Locandina

Poster of the exhition

In one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, Palazzo Pitti, until May 18, there is a magnificent monographic exhibition that its subject is the hat: “Hat between Art and extravagance.”

Some hats on display 

3 Toque 3    4 Giovanni Salvadori

                           Toque, 1959-55                                              Giovanni Salvadori, 1920

4 Chanel    5 Touque 2

                              Chanel, 2010                                                                   Toque, 1957

The hat becomes the protagonist, no longer just an accessory, but a small work of art .., thanks to the creativity of prestigious brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Prada, etc,. but especially Italian or Florentine craftsmanship of skilled workers, such as those that are part of the Consortium “Il Cappello di Firenze”, the heirs of the ancient craftsmanship of the “Straw Hat” in Florence.

10 M.Glasaur    11 Caroline Reboux

                        M.Glasaur, 1890                                            Caroline Reboux, 1942-43

Is from 1700 which Signa, near Florence, it becomes the hub of industrial activity in the straw hat, thanks to a new way of cultivating wheat, which provides a dense planting and the anticipation of the collection. From this breakthrough was achieved the straw braid thinner, flexible and shiny that led to what became the consecration, as well as in key global notoriety, the so-called “straw hat of Florence.” Since then many years have passed, Tuscan companies have gone through various stages, but the most important thing that some of them are still in business, they have been able to reinvent themselves and meet the new and increasingly fickle and rigid demands of the market, creating the consortium “the Florence Hat “. However, the most important thing they have done is that they have been able to create an artifact that once again has meant, and still means, an excellence of Made in Italy.

6 Clemente Cartoni 1955    7 Yves Saint Laurent

                  Clemente Cartoni, 1955                                     Yves Saint Laurent, 2002

8 Clemente Cartoni    9 Clemente Cartoni 2

Both hats by Clemente Cartoni, 1965 ca

I think most of the other accessories, the hat is really an important complement, a way to determine their own personality and their own style. I remember when we had to Polimoda do a course on hats, making us realize some prototypes, it was a wonderful experience. Many years have passed, but the passion for hats would not let me.

I miss the beginning of the last century, up to almost half of the same, in which the hat, as is often the gloves, were part of the daily wardrobe, a sign of elegance that made women, magical, mysterious, fascinating .

12 MG_4986    13 IMG_4967

Felt heat Beatrice Brandini

 14 IMG_4949    15 MG_4940

Felt heat Beatrice Brandini

The hat is the accessory that reveals more than anything else our identity (I think the fire brigade, naval officers, firefighters, nuns, bishops or the Pope, all with something in the head that “tells them” without words). And the accessory that serves to “hide” when you do not want to be “revealed” (I think of the caps fell in the faces of the stars in search of privacy); is the complement when looking for drama, whether it be a play (the fairy, the witch the attacker, would be the same without their hat?), a picture (of the many I like to mention the shot by Irving Penn for the cover of Vogue), etc.

Photo by Irving Penn, Vogue 1950

19 cappello uncinetto

Crochet hat Beatrice Brandini

Some strong personality can not be separated from their hats, I think the Queen of England would not be the same without her improbable hats, as well as the mourned Anna Piaggi .

19 Disegni BB per blog

20 Disegni BB per blog

21 Disegni BB per blog

22 Disegni BB per blog

23 Disegni BB per blog

Some proposals Beatrice Brandini

Therefore the beloved hat should, like bags and shoes, to be a friend of our everyday elegance and beauty.

Good life to all!






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