Icon Vintage Dress: the book

Book cover “Icon Vintage Dress” by Beatrice Brandini

Back cover of the book “Icon Vintage Dress” by Beatrice Brandini

Every creative, every designer, every brand or historic fashion house, has its own aesthetic vision, a poetic in terms of style. The more recognizable this becomes, the stronger the sign will leave over time, a sort of signature that will inevitably also determine its success by becoming: 


“Icon Vintage Dress”, my first book available on Amazon also in Kindle format e-Book.


Furthermore, it has been established, that it is one of the top ten most interesting books on the topic of Vintage fashion.


Article dated 5 October 2023 published on NotizieScientifiche.it, which highlights, for them, what they are

the best fashion books on Vintage. And among these there is mine!!!!


Quote relating to the book “Icon Vintage Dress” by Beatrice Brandini published in “F” of 2 March 2022.

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May 2022, article by Barbara Chiodi, published on the eco-à-porter blog.


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