In the Boboli garden (later in Pietrasanta), “GIVE” by Lorenzo Quinn. Not to forget that nature is our dearest friend.

“Give” by Lorenzo Quinn

“Hands and dolls” by Beatrice Brandini

The beautiful sculpture by the artist Lorenzo Quinn, “GIVE”, was inaugurated today for a month and will be previewed in the Boboli Gardens (in Florence), then move on to Pietrasanta, where it will be installed in the International Sculpture Park.


Inauguration of the installation, the artist discovers the stature together with the mayor of Pietrasanta, the deputy mayor of Florence, the director of the Uffizi and the president of the Fondazione Ginevra Olivetti Rason

The work is part of a UN project against climate change. Quinn, always attentive to these issues, said that the inspiration came from the relationship between humanity and nature, which it has always given and continues to do without demanding anything in return. “In life, to receive we must give. And all of us have received and continue to receive much from the earth. For this reason Boboli has always been a source of inspiration with its greenery and a reference to nature. The hand of man is mine, that of woman is of a model, their union represents all humanity. White is the color of purity and innocence, of the dove and peace. This is why I chose to offer an olive tree as a universal message ”.

Alberto Giovannetti, Cristina Giachi, Eike Schmidt, Lorenzo Quinn e Gian Paolo Olivetti Rason

“Once again the Uffizi are the protagonists of an artistic initiative that connects the capital with another city in the territory of Tuscany. Boboli’s garden temporarily houses a work intended to Pietrasanta to recall the respect, attention and protection due to the environment and our beautiful landscape “. Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi Galleries. As always, wise words, he also expressed this morning with the intelligent irony that distinguishes this important and innovative director.

“Support” work of Lorenzo Quinn, Venice 2017

“Building Bridges” work of Lorenzo Quinn, Venice 2019

The work was created with the contribution of the Genevra Olivetti Rason Foundation, and is made of glass resin and recycled material, in order to convey a message that is openly attentive to environmental sustainability. The president of the Foundation, Gian Paolo Olivetti Rason, has declared that he is in total harmony with the work “Give” since it expresses the same values ​​in which the Foundation itself is identified. “Donate thinking about others, enriching daily life with positive content and messages, even in the arts, especially in a complex moment such as the current one”.

“Give” work of Lorenzo Quinn, Giardino di Boboli 2020

The sculpture represents a male and female hand that welcome an olive tree, bearer of a message of peace addressed to humanity. The hands have always been the subject most dear to the artist (remember the extraordinary and monumental ones exhibited on the Grand Canal in Venice during the Art Biennale in 2017 and 2019); according to the artist this part of our body, indispensable and capable of doing everything, the good and the bad, can give pleasure and suffering, allows an artist to express himself and to build something that we hope, as in this case, will be a message for humanity.

“Give”, the artist leaning on his work

Good life to everyone!



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