John Currin: the imperfection that becomes ART

1 to go see 1999

John Currin, “The go see” 1999

2 Sole e Orchidea

“Sun and Orchid” by Beatrice Brandini 

I love John Currin always, I find that his imperfect figures (almost exclusively female), often an emblem of “empty” American wealth (empty because sterile and bored, extremely consumerist, without passions, love, drives …), are at the end irresistible and, in an unusual way, lovely.

3 rachel in fur 2002

“Rachel in Fur” 2001 by John Currin (my favorite!)

Despite the slight or obvious “distortions” (too thin, too much flesh, wrinkled, squinting, fake, plastic …), his art is stunningly beautiful, different, almost “disturbing” (but wow, one of the main functions art is to arouse emotions!).

4 Sno Bo 1999    5 costance towers 2009

John Currin “Sno-Bo”, 1999                    John Currin “Costance Towers”, 2009

John Currin is considered one of the most important contemporary painters, even the most quoted, is part of the stable of Gagosian and his paintings easily exceed half a million dollars. Born in Colorado he graduated from the prestigious art school at Yale University. His art mixes Renaissance and Mannerism, pop art and pornography (the last works are really “strong”). But not only, the art of Currin complaint moralism of the “politically correct” American teasing that social class that never likes to poke fun at himself. Behind those eyes glassy and forced smiles, behind those perfect clothes there is all the moral decadence of a society attracted only by money. Currin tells the “good” American middle class who has lost its sense of right, of itself, of its own future.

6 miss fenwick 1996   7 Heartless 1997

John Currin “Miss Fenwick”                       John Currin “Heartless”, 1997

Technically very capable, becomes almost a calligrapher in defining the details of clothes  of its protagonists and also this aspect becomes disturbing, anxiety, depletion …

8 the cripple 1997    9 Honeymoon nude

John Currin “The cripple”, 1997  and “Honeymoon nude” 

Look better all work of this brilliant artist, his women that at first glance will seem beautiful and perfect, after a closer look will be for what they are, disproportionate, unresolved charges of lewd behavior, sometimes to the limit pornography (sometimes just pornographic). The genius of Currin is this, use the beautiful painting, precision and knowledge of antique art and models, in order to transform it “grotesque”, but not a caricature, creating an art that is never trivial, but rather is an expression of cultured .

10 the pink tree

John Currin “The pink tree”

I wanted to draw a woman in the Currin way, but then I did not want (probably I would not have even been able to), I thought that his style, so personal, was to remain so, a tribute would be a stretch. In fact, in one of his candid and cynical statements, the artist himself declared that after graduation, after the study of the classics such as Botticelli, Tiepolo and above Cranach (of which there are often strong quotes in poses and nudes), wanted to create something that no one else had ever done. I would say that there is definitely succeeded!

11    12 Big Hands 2010

John Currin “Lynette & Janette”,  2013           John Currin “Big Hands”, 2010

Good life to all!




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