Lights on the ‘900


Gigi Chessa “Girl with Hat”

“Fashion Forties” by Beatrice Brandini

I was invited to the preview of the exhibition “Light on the ‘900’ exhibition will run until March 8, 2015 at the Gallery of Modern Art, Pitti Palace and celebrating the anniversary of the hundred years since its founding.

The 900 was a crucial century in the history of mankind. A century marked by discoveries, conflicts, destruction and reconstruction, transformation and much more … and an ART which, with its connotation and research, has given the way to our contemporary world.

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Giorgio D e Chirico “Song of the South”, around 1930        Massimo Campigli “Staircase” , 1955

Lights on the ‘900 is a century-long journey, from 1914 to 2014, a journey that celebrates the centenary of the first small opening in March of 1913 took place in the halls of the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. Therefore, the Modern Art Gallery in the Pitti Palace to celebrate this important event exposes  its beautiful, precious and unknown collections of the ‘900.


A view of the route and staging the exhibition “Lights ‘900”  in the Pitti Palace

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A view of the construction works in the exhibition

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Felice Casorati “Rape”, around 1938   and   “Lemons”, around 1950

Like many things that Florence has and that few know or have had the good fortune to see, the Gallery of Modern Art, which boasts the largest collection of Macchiaioli paintings in the world, also has a collection of twentieth-century works, so far confined to the stores. This exhibition aims to show them, enhancing them in the most appropriate frame.

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Glimpses Palazzo Pitti

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Mauro Reggiani “Composition in yellow”, 1935

E Faraoni Ragazza addormentata 1961

Enzo Faraoni “Sleeping girl”, 1961 

The exhibition depicts the masterpieces of the last century, from Casorati to Giorgio De Chirico, from Filippo De Pisis to Capogrossi, along with many painters belonging to the so-called “twentieth century Tuscan” as Baccio Maria Bacci, Giovanni Colacicchi etc., That artists they found themselves in the famous coffee “Giubbe Rosse” and that in the twenties helped make Florence an important place for all Italian intellectuals.

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Guido Ferroni “The carousel”, 1915-1919          Primo Conti “Portrait of Lyung-Yuk”, 1924

There are many works purchased by the Venice Biennale, namely between 1925 and 1945 and the Rome Quadrennial in 1935.

12    13

Oscar Ghiglia “Female Nude”, around 1930          Francesco Chiappelli “Portrait of Camilla Roatta”, 1930

See in the same place so many works of the twentieth century, as in this show, and especially of this caliber, it’s a way to relive a part of history not too far from us, to recover our memory, remembering moments, places, faces and landscapes that sometimes years dusts and relegate to mere memories.

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Fernando Farulli “Piombino, space for an autobiography”, 1964         Vinicio Berti “Tale of Utopia H3”, 1962-1963

G Nativi Possibilita relazionale 1964

Gualtiero Nativi “Possibility relational”, 1964

The art displayed in every place and so is the refuge from the ugliness, the hardships, the disappointments of life and the world. Enter into the world of art, the front door or from the “service”, admiring a masterpiece or a wall abstract work of a writer, does not really matter, as long as you’re prepared to capture their beauty.

Art is magic, illusion imagination, curiosity … in short, art is life, an expression of yourself and the world around you.


Giuseppe Capogrossi “Untitled”, 1970

17   18

Fausto Pirandello “Cookies and spirits”, 1957          Alberto Savino “Orpheus and Eurydice”, 1951

F Casorati Lo straniero 1930

Felice Casorati “The stranger”, 1930


Fashion Twenties interpreted by Beatrice Brandini


Fashion Thirties interpreted by Beatrice Brandini


Fashion Forties interpreted by Beatrice Brandini


Fashion Fifties interpreted by Beatrice Brandini


Fashion sixties interpreted by Beatrice Brandini

“High Society” by Beatrice Brandini

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Courtyard Palazzo Pitti


Banner of the exhibition “Light on the ‘900”.

Good life at all!



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