Mitoraj: “Angels” of the Miracles


Igor Mitoraj sculpture at the Museum of Sinopie

“The Apparition” by Beatrice Brandini 

Until January 15 2015 in Pisa, in the monumental complex of Piazza dei Miracoli, there is an exhibition of stunning beauty: Igor Mitoraj, Angels.


Banner of the exhibition Igor Mitoraj “Angels”


Igor Mitoraj sculpture outside the museum Sinopie

5    6

Angels, painted by Igor Mitoraj

7    8

Marble works by Igor Mitoraj

9    10

Works of Igor Mitoraj in the exhibition

The exhibition about one hundred works, including huge sculptures, cast iron, bronzes, drawings and preparatory plaster, making us discover a new “soul” of this amazing artist. In fact, the painting, really unusual, reveals a monumental Mitoraj, however, tied to the Tuscan tradition, thus less “classical”; everything transpires from the use of gold, gold funds homage to the paintings of the fourteenth-century Florentine and Sienese schools, as well as by intense blue, always dear to mural painting of the period.

11    12

Reliefs of Igor Mitoraj

I love Mitoraj because appears all the suffering of humanity; majestic figures but in my opinion very “fragile”.  Are heroes only in appearance, they are actually the “losers”, are vulnerable, which, as in this exhibition, trudging and seek freedom (the wings). I think that Mitoraj needs to fragment images and works, as if they were mutilated, incomplete, in a nutshell unresolved ….

13    14

Bronze works of Igor Mitoraj 

The exhibition is directed by the architect Alberto Bartalini, with the collaboration of Antonio Paolucci, Francesco Buranelli, Luca Beatrice and is among the events celebrating the 950th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Cathedral of Pisa. It ‘s the first time that a contemporary artist is hosted in the square of the Leaning Tower.


Igor Mitoraj, Ikaro fallen

The Angels are the stars of this exhibition and accompany us throughout the journey (I also want to point out that the cost of the ticket is only 3 Euros!), from the lawn area of the Square of Miracles in which is placed a magnificent bronze representing Icarus fell, the museum Sinopie, the building that formerly housed the offices of the Opera Primaziale. Mitoraj said that he felt very happy, even excited, to exhibit in such a magical place, therefore the theme of the Angels was a natural consequence.


Detail of Ikaro fallen, Igor Mitoraj 

Despite the undisputed reputation of Mitoraj needless to say it was easier to deface or be overwhelmed by the magnificent Piazza dei Miracoli, however I must admit that the works blend seamlessly into the context, great merit of the work of the artist but also to the curators of the exhibition and the municipality of Pisa. Really a great job!

17    18

Works by Igor Mitoraj


Collection of plaster casts of Igor Mitoraj


Glimpse of the Leaning Tower, inside the exhibition 

Mitoraj is of Polish origin although born in Germany but we could call he even a little Tuscan, as a few years ago discovered in Pietrasanta marble, an ideal material for his sculptures. Here, then, he opened a studio and moved almost definitely, in what is now the land of the sculptors (see Botero).

21 bis

Igor Mitoraj to the Boboli Garden in Florence (particular)


Igor Mitoraj to the Boboli Garden in Florence          

I had already admired Mitoraj in Florence, with its impeccable “masks” the Boboli Garden, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

23    24

Works of Igor Mitoraj in the Museum of Sinopites 

Importantly, Igor Mitoraj in 1986 took part in the XLII Biennale of Art in Venice, a little an accolade for his art and his work. From here he has been present  in numerous exhibitation, he received important commissions for the construction of monumental sculptures in public and private spaces. Mitoraj works are in the British Museum, the Dàfense of Paris, the Uffizi Museum in Florence, the Teatro della Scala in Milan, in Piazza Mignanelli in Rome, Krakow, etc.

25    26

Reliefs of Igor Mitoraj

27    28

Square of Miracles … incredible beauty! 

Finally I want to say a few words about Pisa I found clean, organized, with attendance of police at strategic points, because the tourists are really thousands,  a temptation for those who live dishonestly. Moreover, even all the people with whom I came across, specifically the inputs used inside the exhibition, were friendly and helpful;  these things make your day or trip, more pleasant.


Chalk Igor Mitoraj 

Returnig home, the suggestion of his Angels and of all the works on display, you stayed with me all day. Thinking about these huge figures, often inspired by mythology, I wondered if it was a case (in life it is almost nothing) that the first letters of his surname have assonance with the word “myth” and that therefore it was in somehow a “predestined”. Maybe it was a sign of destiny to revive through his art legendary, mythological, classical, archaic figures, so intensely and perfect. 

Good life to all!




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