Music of the heart in treble clef

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“Treble clef” by Paolo Breviario  

L innocenza

” The innocence ” by Beatrice Brandini

“Perched on the sofa of the night   You look like a treble clef   Madonna curved in the womb   Chiselled into head text   Of every line of my score   Where reigns kidnapped   The soloist melody ” Paolo  Breviario

When I saw this treble clef I immediately thought of something that had to do with a musical score, but then I realized it was a different kind of music, the one dictated by the heart, without tools, in words, in actions, in poetry. A poem was born from a vision of loving, deep, inspiring, made of cast spontaneously, which has created a small masterpiece and despite the time flows inexorably remain unchanged.

I discovered seeing the work of the poet and writer Paolo Breviario that I have had the pleasure to meet casually and happily on a short vacation at the beach .

A look , an emotion and the externalization of a sensation, it happens rarely but it just so happens, you watch your love, watch your child, look at your mother, father, brother, grandfather, friend and notice something that rises from the heart without you explanations, in a natural, spontaneous, is the love that is within each of us, that makes you fertile, generous and makes you distinguish things that are noticed only by a certain mood.

Chiave di Sol

Treble clef  by Paolo Breviario

I found this poem very beautiful, it made me think, I immediately thought of my family, my loved ones, friends and all the less fortunate people who are suffering or who are alone, in fact I actually did, this holiday season I think it’s a beautiful greeting card, as diverse as special, I dedicate it to my mother, even if he has shaken something inside of you, or you simply like, dedicate it for those who prefer.

Thanks Paolo for giving me a bit ‘ of your know, for me it was an honor.

Good life to all!


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