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“La Cubista” by Beatrice Brandini

2012 Jil Sander fashion show, Picasso inspiration

Fashion and art have always been contaminated. Already in ancient times the artists were fascinated by fashion and drew inspiration for their representations; on the other hand, the tailors and craftsmen looked to the world of art for the realization of their artifacts.

When I was studying I believed a lot in this combination, perhaps because my dad has always cultivated a passion for art in us, probably having toured galleries since I was a child, indoctrinated my inclination / passion / need for art.

Salvatore Ferragamo footwear inspired by the works of Kenneth Noland

Yves Saint Laurent dress inspired by Mondrian’s works. One of the most important couturiers whose collections have always had a contamination with art.

Jean Charles Castelbajac collection inspired by Andy Warhol

Yves Saint Laurent collection inspired by Braque

In fact, from Klimt onwards, or after him Mariano Fortuny, Sonia Delaunay, Vionnet, Elsa Schiaparelli …, the theme between fashion and art has always been topical, a relationship of mutual stimulus, extremely profitable. The clothing in a painting has helped historians to date a work, just as art has always been a fundamental element in a designer’s creative process.

Yves Saint Laurent collection inspired by Van Gogh

Gianni Versace collection inspired by Pop Art and Andy Warhol

Jan Charles de Castelbajac collection inspired by Keith Haring

Fashion and art are two creative expressions, both feed on what is happening around, on suggestions, on ideas. Artists and fashion designer exchange visual codes, they inspire each other, two worlds hungry for novelty, spectacularity, a closeness and similarity, also attributable to the fact that they are two very narcissistic universes.

Gucci by Tom Ford dress inspired by a famous poster by Toulouse Lautrec

High fashion Dior, dress inspired by Hokusai

Alexander McQueen Escher-inspired dress

Alexander McQueen dress inspired by Aubrey Beardsley

In 1996 an exceptional exhibition was inaugurated in Florence, perhaps unique in its kind and certainly pioneering for all that we saw afterwards, the Biennale of Art and Fashion, a traveling exhibition (after arriving at the Guggenheim in New York) which investigated relationships of the two artistic languages. In 2000 Armani exhibited at the Metropolitan in New York, and then other glorious exhibitions were those of Capucci, Ferré, McQueen … There are even those who have created a museum on their history (Gucci) or those who have a Foundation (Prada) to make dialogue the most modern and innovative artistic currents of the panorama.

Louis Vuitton collaboration with Haruki Murakami

Tsumori Chisato collection inspired by Lichtenstein

Fausto Pugliesi and his Malevich-inspired collection

In recent years there have been many artists called by the luxury maison to design Limited Edition capsules with the aim of sweetening fashion, generating entertainment, and making clothes and accessories icons of the design of our time.

Prada accessories inspired by Pop Art

Dolce & Gabbana collection inspired by Byzantine art


Louis Vuitton accessories collection from a collaboration with Jeff Koons inspired by the masterpieces of art

But, although this contamination is still very present, we can see how perhaps it has lost some uniqueness, to satisfy more aesthetic and commercial needs. We went from an Elsa Schiaparelli who commissioned works for her production in Dali and Cocteau, to a copy and paste by great artists, losing a little that chic aura that characterized the dream of fashion.



My mini collection inspired by one of my favorite artists Paul Klee

In this small series of images I have included the most significant ones of this relationship between art and fashion, showing you how it is no longer a simple influence, but rather a sort of homage / reproduction.

Long life to art, long life to fashion, wonderful worlds where, especially now in quarantine, it becomes essential to take refuge and dream.

Good life to everyone!



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