Paolo Sorrentino: eccentric, creative, original and independent


Paolo Sorrentino  

“Oscar” by Beatrice Brandini

We do not know if Paolo Sorrentino will make to win the Oscar for best foreign film with ” The Great Beauty “, the verdict will be in a few hours. However, there are many reasons to celebrate and thank him for his talent.

3 locandina

Locandina “La Grande Bellezza”

He is an original and independent filmmaker who has given impetus to the Italian cinema , bringing it under the international spotlight (he has already won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and a Golden Globe ), puts together critics and the public, in general a difficult binomial ; masterfully directs his actors ( some were a wonderful discovery or a nice surprise ), his stories (it is always a writer, as well as director), are personal, sophisticated and wide-ranging (often criticizes the film for Italian provincialism and excessive intimacy); soundtracks small masterpieces , ranging from completely different genres but living together harmoniously…., and much more else..


Poster “The Consequences of Love”

amico di famiglia

Poster “The Family Friend”

Two of his films are among my favorite movies of all time , ” The Consequences of Love ” and ” The Family Friend “. I love all his movies, but these two titles, perhaps the most intimate and focused on the psychology of the character, for me, are two small masterpieces.

6 il-divo-locandina_mid

Poster of “The Divo” 

I also cite the Divo movie which has also won numerous awards worldwide, including the Cannes Film Festival, the Jury Prize, in which the real merges with the surreal and vice versa, in which the figure of Andreotti, masterfully played by Servillo, is grotesquely represented, but without becoming a caricature (it would have been easy), but investigating on the interiority of the politician.

4 La-Grande-Bellezza-di-Sorrentino-miglior-film-straniero-ai-Golden Globe

Poster “The Great Beauty”

His characters, some really bad, almost unpleasant, always hidden vulnerability and reflect the limitations and flaws of the human being, as Titta di Girolamo played by fetish Servillo in the Consequences in love. Creatures desperate and anti-heroes par excellence.

Waiting for the verdict but mostly waiting for many other masterpieces, or at least good movies , from this fine Italian director .

Good life to all !