Pino Pascali: out from the pack!

1 vedova blu

“Widow Blue” Pino Pascali, 1965

2 Vedo lontano

“I see far” (particular) by Beatrice Brandini

I discovered Pino Pascali many years ago thanks to an eclectic and forward-looking gallery that reported him. The first things I saw were sketches made for advertising, and , although dated back to many decades before my revelation, were incredibly modern.


Pino Pascali “Whale”


Pino Pascali “Dinosaur Reconstruction”, 1966

Over the years I realized that what makes an artist special (we could expand the horizon talking about music with quote Jeff Buckley or Lucio Battisti, movie with Fellini, interpretation of acting with Carmelo Bene, fashion with Saint Laurent or Albini. ..) is his personal vision and clear and its ability to be modern, anticipating a trend that can reach even many years later. Pino Pascali was exactly that!


Pino Pascali “Lips”, 1964

Born in Bari in 1935, he graduated with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, initially worked as an assistant art director, graphic and advertising, creating characters and some short films for RAI productions. formative experience that greatly influence his expressive language. Omnivorous investigator of techniques, sometimes alternatives such as plastic, polystyrene, sheet metal, papier mache …, Pino Pascali was undoubtedly a bold artist, an exceptionally creative talent, an artist-character since man’s life and that of the artist are always penetrated.


Pino Pascali “Silkworms bristle”

7 Pascali_Dinosauro

“The Dinosaur”, a work by Pino Pascali

For him realize small advertising or large sculptures drawings, it does not make much difference, and especially not changed the sense, joy and poetry were mixed, giving us works of undeniable freshness, modernity, irony.

8 Pascali-Baco_-Baco-da-setola-1968-ph.-Marossi

“Silkworms bristle” in 1968 by Pino Pascali

Giulio Carlo Argan: “the colored plastic brush is not performed or used as a brush, but taken as a form or structure, knowing there is, after all, is nothing but an intuition of space and time that men necessarily place in things that make ….. (…) the fantasy of Pascali has nothing arbitrary, irrational (…) the ultimate aim of this rebellious designers to the rules and of the factory, and which undoubtedly operates in more advanced positions experimental avant-garde, is still the ransom, against inflation of the signs and signals of the consumer society … “

9 SUONATORE-DI-TUBA-1963-64-PASTELLI-A-CERA-SU-ACETATO-25-X-35-e1457714313866-1080x675

“The tuba player” Pino Pascali design, 1963

10 pino-pascali-rinoceronte-e-giraffa-b

Pino Pascali “Rhino and giraffe”

Work on advertising, perhaps still little known to the general public, have over the years received due recognition, as to be defined, like the other its pictorial and sculptural works, of unquestionable creativity creations. Clearing the judgment often snobs by critics and artists who defined them as collaborations Series B. Pino Pascali worked for many commercials, the container was called Carosello, colleagues were Folon or Peynet for graphics, the Taviani brothers, Federico Fellini, Giuseppe Patroni Griffi as directed, Marcello Mastroianni, Nino Manfredi, Toto..for acting … Carosello was the transmission of greater success in RAI and its small advertising films grouped the major excellence like a great movie.

11 Omino-cuccetta-Che-posizione-1960-61_image_ini_620x465_downonly

Pino Pascali “Omino bunk”, 1960

The graphics and set design allowed him to experiment and express themselves freely, probably without this part, there would not have been the greatest sculptural works.

12 Soldatini-Pronti-Fuoco-Amadis-1964_image_ini_620x465_downonly

Pino Pascali “Soldiers ready fire”, 1964

End then, because Andy Warhol can be called a genius with his tomato box, and do not use the same relevance for Pino Pascali with his Pulcinella for Cirio ?!

13 maschera-totem

Pino Pascali “Totem Mask”

ragazza P.Pascali

“Girl” Pino Pascali, private collection

Vedo lontano bis

“I see far” by Beatrice Brandini

15 fondazione_1

Pino Pascali Museum Fondation – Polignano a Mare The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of the figure of Pino Pascali and the promotion and enhancement of modern and contemporary art. It is not for profit. 

Puglia, as well as being a beautiful region (such as Pugliesi) characterized by the magnificent sea, has often given the birthplace of immensely talented people, one of these was undoubtedly Pino Pascali.

I read some books on Pascali, to learn about his life, but especially to understand the artist and the man. All the evidence that I found (by Renato Mambor to Paola Pitagora, by Carlo Frittelli, to Sandro Lodolo ..), emphasize its great sensitivity, an important aspect that often, in such strong personalities, is obscured by the dynamism, the liveliness, from energy.

17    18

Ready for the vernissage by Beatrice Brandini

Pino Pascali has done many important things in a short time (prematurely disappeared in 1968 aged just 33, for a motorcycle accident), I dare not imagine how many would have been able to do had he lived longer. But in any case the best thing for an artist is to make a mark, a witness that is handed down from generation to generation, sometimes inspiring it. I think this might just be enough to live a life of total fulfillment.

Good life to everyone!


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