Pitti Bimbo: Fall/Winter 2015 – 16 (Part Two)


External design “MiMiSol”

2 Delfina

“Delfina” Beatrice Brandini

Continue the fantastic journey within Pitti Bimbo …

Considering that this year is the 80th edition, I realize that 40 years have passed, a long path which featured clothes and accessories, but also a period that is the testimony of how, once again, fashion is the evolution of our society.

3    4

Coq en Pâte, a company that puts ethics as main point of all creative processes and development. An exceptional “Zoo” fun, colorful and full of magic.


Coq en Pâte


Doodle Do, another company interesting and attentive to the children and to their environment. Organic cottons and colorful prints as many childish scribbles, comfortable clothes and unisex.


Doodle Do

8   9

J.O.MiLano. Personally I do not like the style too pretty well, I like that the kids are colorful, comfortable and “dirty” because busy playing. But there is also a timeless style, romantic and feminine, which when has very good taste it is an exception, like this. Clouds filled with flowers ….


Theophile & Patachou, ssssst someone is sleeping …

11    12

Baby Graziella, another brand romantic and poetic, absolutely gorgeous


Baby Graziella

14   15

DouuoD Kids, stand … INTERESTING, like what they do! Unfortunately I could not see the collection for lack of time


Sonia Rykiel enfant, UNMISTAKABLE as her stripes! 

17   18

Photo exhibition “Walking” organized by Vogue bambini and Pitti

19   20

…other images of “Walking”, leitmotiv of these editions of Pitti

21   22

Park Avenue by Berni, incredible and irresistible tubs and sinks shaped cups …

23 bis

Park Avenue by Berni

23   24

Anne Kurris, interesting Belgian brand that makes creative collections


Louise Misha, a little ‘folk a little’ gipsy, cute!


Marie Chantal, these overalls with wings from Angels were wonderful …

27   28

Il Gufol, tradition, attention to fabrics and details. A good Made in Italy product

29  30

Sorry 4 the Mess, attractive layout. Collection “easy” and suitable for children


Sorry 4 the Mess

32    33

Diesel, when to be faithful to their DNA is rewarding and successful!




Nanos, I love everything. The dusty colors, the clothes, the mannequins …. go back with poetry!

36   37

Francomina mini, and urban street with touches “couture”. An apparent chaos metropolitan made of fabrics, prints and genius workings

38   39

Francomina mini


Francomina mini


Marcelo Burlon kids of Milan, from the image print campaign, very nice and suggestive

42  43

Silvian Heach kids, everything perfect. Collection very beautiful and full of details. Pop art, comic, college … many suggestions, mix in way consistent and harmonious. Even the stand was fabulous!

44   45

stand Silvian Heach kids

46   49

Silvian Heach kids

47    48

Silvian Heach kids

50  51  52

Silvian Heach kids

53   54   55 BIS

Silvian Heach kids


Silvian Heach kids


Wall of Kid’s Company


Staging Kid’s Company, antique carousel horses

58  59

Kid’s Company, beautiful little shepherds …


Input location I Pinco Pallino … another world …

61   62

I Pinco Pallino, a little lord, a model student, a wonderful little man

63   64

I Pinco Pallino, his lovely lady …, would have liked to Audrey!

65  66

I Pinco Pallino, what about these delicious little dresses … only that are wonderful


I Pinco Pallino

68  69

I Pinco Pallino

Sport Generation Area

70   71

Miths Kids, I really liked these military inspired garments.

72   73

Sticky Fudge, interesting brand, casual chic, “easy” and salable clothes, really nice

74    75

Sticky Fudge, really cute outfits

76  77 bis

Melissa, these irresistible rubber shoes. What a pity not having been able to wear when I was a child …



78  79

Melissa, collaboration with the Campana brothers, among the most talented and modern architects, and with the great Vivienne Westwood.

80   81


82  83 

K-WAY, were innovative even when I was little, now have become something more. For young and “old”, creative in a thousand different versions, all irresistible, all Must Have!


U.S. Polo Assn., always true to himself and always pleasant


MC2 Saint Barth, swimwear also in Winter for spa, resorts or cruises. Evocative,  dreaming of exotic and luxurious destinations

86   87

MC2 Saint Barth, there is the sea in Aspen, in Cortina or Gstaad? maybe yes … Irresistible!

88   89

Baby Moto, Italian crafts for these wooden motorcycle with antique flavor. Beautiful!

90    91

Baby Moto, wooden toys and box / motorcycle …


Blade and Rose, beautiful tights, almost collectable

93    94

“Fashion Comics”, from an idea by Alessandro Enriquez and Vogue Bambini, Tweety and Bugs Bunny are reinterpreted by designers and brands in favor of a charity project. These two mascot printed on sweatshirts will be sold around the world and part of their proceeds will fund the project “Love + Children”, against malnutrition in Ghana. Good initiative! 

Bugs Bunny and Tweety by Roberto Cavalli  and Iceberg

95   96

“Fashion Comics”, Bugs Bunny by Missoni and Tweety by Vivetta

97 bis   97

“Fashion Comics” exhibition

98   99

Another good initiative charity in collaboration with I Love My Dog, a leading manufacturer of clothing and accessories for pets and the famous concept store Luisa Via Roma. Some great designer/brands have customized the coat for dogs, part of the proceeds will be used at the pediatric hospital Meyer in Florence. Great!


I end with this collage made with some phrases touching and ABSOLUTELY TRUE of great men … Set up in the magazine Style piccoli by Corriere della Sera

There were three things of heaven: the stars, flowers and children. Dante Alighieri

Continue to plant your seeds, because you will not know what will grow, perhaps they will do all. Albert Einstein

Can cut all the flowers, but do not ever stop spring. Pablo Neruda

The flowers, music and children, are the jewels of life. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

See you in June ….  be good with children, ALWAYS!

Good life to all!


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