Pitti Fragranze : in a fragrant cloud


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“Francis” by Beatrice Brandini

The Stazione Leopolda has just staged Pitti Fragrances, “artistic” perfumes excellence, ie those that hardly find in supermarkets or in a duty-free, those scents that are chests, dreams, small works of art in the package and in their content ….

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Fantastic layout, Plexiglas kaleidoscopic designs



Simone Cosac Perfume: accessories, scented candles, perfumes for the environment .. all with a fine and retro touch


Bruno Acampora Perfumes seven essences refined and timeless, excellent raw materials.

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Eternal by Ajmal: a mix between the old charm of the Arab world and the modernity. Bottles made of crystal processed by hand … luxury and beauty

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Altaia Eau d’Italie: meeting of Argentine families to Eau de Parfum very interesting

For this edition, growing seasonally at a dizzying rate, both in the amount of guests and special events, in that the exhibitors (274 brands!), The innovations were represented by the scent selfie (bottle made with a mirror to celebrate and flattering the owner), witch scented with parts of sulfur (!), the scent reminiscent of freshly cut grass …. But above the sensational ideas, the Pitti fair is a wonderful opportunity to, as those dedicated to fashion, admire the beauty and the excellence in the perfume industry. Getting lost in an enchanted world and completely different from the ordinary. Where art olfactory interacts with the visual (beautiful installations and equipment).


Essenzialmente Laura by Laura Tonatto: craftsmanship and luxury fragrances characterize the products of this house in Turin.


Initio: pure instinct, for those who do not want to go unnoticed, starting from their perfume


Entrance of “Unscent Land”, the magic of the fragrances in a kind of enchanted world, a olfactory sensory funfair


Roads Lifestyle and creative brand from Dublin, not only perfumes but culture, literature and art by Danielle Ryan



Boadicea The Victorious: Celtic decorations for this line of fragrances very luxurious

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Czech & Speake e Couto: quality and tradition



TFK The Fragrance Kitchen: Kuwait brand that mixes the tradition of the Middle East with the experience of the highest French perfumery


S – Perfume: independent label based in New York. Founded by sculptor Nobi Shioya

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Re Perfume Venice: interesting example of quality, elegance and flair with a touch of eccentricity. Project by Fulvio Fronzoni



Blood Concept Parfums: Italian project “perfume / design” .. a bit ‘underground, a bit rock


Diane Pernet Paris: the famous fashion journalist behind this fragrance “celebratory”

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Psychedelic “cages” rotating, animals wild and free. really nice and charming!


Unscent Land…


Giardino Benessere Tiziana Terenzi: “the future of memory” so it was called the project

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Diana Vreeland Parfums: the personality of the great Diana Vreeland behind these “magical” fragrances

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Diana Vreeland Parfums

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Diana Vreeland Parfums


Diana Vreeland Parfums


Laura Tonatto: an other fragrances from the Turin house, very nice packages!


nu_be: Each fragrance is inspired by a chemical element, thanks to the fantastic interpretations of the largest international master perfumers

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nu_be. When to free space for Art and Creativity: artists, and not, have interpreted the packaging in their own way, a fantastic result!

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Premiere Notes: essences inspired to travel as the Orange Calabria or lily of Tuscany. Nice and interesting

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Mirum: perfumes and words, smells that recall the past



51   52

Migone since 1866: when the scent is a beautiful (and delicious) family tradition …




Angela Ciampagna: craftsmanship and constant research give rise to high quality perfumes


Parfums M Micallef: natural ingredients and bottles jewel entirely handmade


Hugh Parsons by a company of silk ties the beginning of the twentieth century we arrived to perfumes … with the same care and the same commitment

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Tuttigufi Bijoux: unique and hand-made pieces, delicious and fun … a way to go back in time and travel with the imagination

Perfumes are sensations, moments, travel (mentally), but most are linked to our memories (the smell of talc, our mother, freshly baked bread or coffee when you wake up …, the one used for the first round …)


“Liv” by Beatrice Brandini


“Mira” by Beatrice Brandini

The scent is seduction, an ally and a valued friend, wear it always, just for ourselves.

Good life to all!


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