Pitti Uomo – part two

1 Lardini

Lardini interpreted by the artist Andrea Tarella

1 bis Lord Brummel

Lord Brummel

A small note on the 85° edition of Pitti Uomo, a part of a more formal proposal.

At the central pavilion of the best formal proposals, stylish, urban of men’s clothing, a real highlight of Made in Italy, for craftsmanship, precious fabrics, accessories and details, style and tailoring.

Gabriele Pasini, I was struck by this brand for the many valuable and original ideas for men, for the beautiful fabrics used, sometimes combined with each other in a “revolutionary” way, and often retro flavor (floral jacquard, camouflage, etc.).

2 Gabriele Pasini 4    3 Gabriele Pasini 5

Gabriele Pasini, Parka “wallpaper” Jacquard fabric, beautiful, jacket and vest in dusty camuflage mélange.

 4 Gabriele Pasini 3    5 Gabriele Pasini 6

Gabriele Pasini Mix of precious fabrics and patterns, combined with taste and hilarity.

 6 Gabriele Pasini    7 Gabriele Pasini 2

Other good proposals of Gabriel Pasini

8 Car Shoes 2    9 Car Shoes

“Shoe Car”, a nice layout, nice shoes!

Lardini, another extremely attractive proposition. Knowing how to combine classic styles with a twist of eccentricity (color) is not easy, Lardini has been able to do so with great skill.

10 Lardini 2    11 Lardini 6

Stand Lardini       Prince of Wales and Pied de Poule proposal in alternative colors, interesting and above all very different and new.

 12 Lardini 5    13 Lardini 7

“Lardini”: Clothing and Knitwear, beautiful proposals

 14 Lardini 3    15 Lardini 4

Artwork by Andrea Tarella

 16 Atelier Scotch 2    17 Atelier Scotch

“Atelier Scotch”, a collection of the Dutch brand Scotch & Soda, between tradition and modernity. The set up was beautiful, complete with a real pianist ….

 18 Two Italian Boys    19 Two Italian Boys 2

“Two Italian Boys,” attractive outfits mixing eccentricity, couture, modern, dandyism.

 20 Two Italian Boys 4    21 Two Italian Boys 3

Other proposals from “Two Italian Boys”

As mentioned in the previous post, there was an atmosphere more optimistic and full of energy. From the early closing data, there is also an increase in the number of admissions Italian and foreign companies.

Countries, led by Japan, then Germany, Great Britain, Russia ….. Importantly, according to official data, a return of American buyers. Always fans of our Made in Italy, and a driving force for many other countries.

Good life to all!





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