Richard-Ginori Doccia Museum: when porcelain becomes ART

Vasi ponti serie Fabrizia

Vase of Gio Ponti for Richard Ginori

2 Piatto Rondini BB per blog

“Swallows” dish invented by Beatrice Brandini

Among the many excellences that have made Italy famous in the world, for style, design, craftsmanship …. There is no doubt Richard Ginori.

3 Ingresso    4 scorcio entrata

Exterior and interior entrance of the museum Doccia Ginori 

In Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, there is a museum that would be absolutely visited The Museum of Doccia Richard-Ginori, which collects the precious artifacts of this company since its foundation.

5 Fonte Battesimale    6 Antonio Berti fonte battesimale

Antonio Berti Baptismal Font 

You do not need to be admirers of porcelain to visit, in fact if you want to make a magnificent travel through the history of pottery and porcelain (another art form), you should come here. A journey that starts from 700 and goes to industrial design with Achille Castiglioni and Aldo Rossi, from Gio Ponti, who was devoted an entire room and that, of this company, it was also the artistic director.

7 calco in gesso vaso in marmo collezione mMedicea 1770 1800 originale Uffizi

Plaster cast of a marble vase, the Medici collection, 1770 -1800, original at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

8 Gaspero Bruschi Amore e Psiche 1747 originale Uffizi    9 Gaspero Bruschi attribuita Venere dei Medici 1747

Gaspero Bruschi “Cupid and Psyche”, 1750 Original from the Uffizi Gallery Gaspero Bruschi “Venus de Medici” 

I was very happy to know that Gucci had bought this company, and to give hope to all workers who for years did not have any more, either because otherwise it would have been a heritage in danger of disappearing, and it was a huge shame as well as a large waste. Finally, having been purchased by a group such as Gucci, which has made excellence and style of his creed, all portends not only that Richard Ginori restart, but will do so as a sign of quality, regaining international recognition that he had a time.

10 angelo Mangirotti 11 Achille Castiglioni Design industriale 12 Aldo Rossi Design Industriale

Angelo Mangiarotti, Aldo Rossi e Achille Castiglioni Industrial Design 

13 anni 50    14 anni 50

Some examples of the production of the ’50s Giovanni Gariboldi 

Richard Ginori is indeed one of the most famous porcelain factories in the world that has managed to enchant generations of middle-class and rulers. The acquisition by Gucci will ensure that this historic company will resume its normal activities, but not all, of the various projects is that of a line Gucci “table” (just as Hermès), obviously produced by Ginori. I hate to think what will come out of the union of these two priceless archives ….

calco 1    calco 2

calco 3

Picture molds for production Richard-Ginori

16Maiolica Umberto    17 bis particolare fontana maiolica    17 Vaso maiolica

Umberto Lucchesi Centerpiece 1895     Detail of a majolica Fountain  Majolica Vase 

The partnership between Gio Ponti and the Richard-Ginori lasted less than a decade (1923-1930), but despite this was radical and profoundly changed the company’s production. In 1925, the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris, Ponti received the Grand Prix, the most prestigious award of the jury.

18 vaso sognori    19 vaso animale

Items Gio Ponti for Richard Ginori

19 Vaso blu Ponti    20 vaso ponti ecru    21 vaso Ponti bianco

Vases Gio Ponti for Richard Ginori

22 mani    23 oggetti oro    24 vaso oro

Magnificent items  Gio Ponti for Ginori 

The style of Ponti for Richard-Ginori is an original interpretation of the Art Deco style.

25 piatti    26 Piatto 2   piatto per terzetto

Dishes of Gio Ponti

27 vaso uomo    28 vaso vele    29 vaso gicolieri

Vases Gio Ponti for Richard Ginori

30 elefanti    31 libri

Objects and ornaments Gio Ponti

The Richard-Ginori, originally Doccia Manufactory was founded in 1735 by the Marquis Carlo Ginori in the vicinity of Florence, in the municipality of Sesto Fiorentino. In 1896 there was a merger with an industry group in Milan, Augusto Richard, to whom we owe the name Richard-Ginori.

32 Garimboldi    33 Gariboldi 2

Vases of Giovanni Gariboldi

34 vasi    35 vaso fiocco Gariboldi

Vases Gariboldi for Ginori

Another winning combination of great productions and was one among the Ginori and Gariboldi, who has worked with Gio Ponti, where for more than forty years (1930 -1970) created magnificent objects and iconic products for the company, so as to be identified by the names of “Luisa” “Clelia” .. of great renown and production.

36 bisLaboratorio 2    36 pigmenti

Laboratory and Pigment Powders 

My dish “Swallows” wants to be the sincere wish for this glorious company back to fly and shine like a long time.

Richard Ginori with its products have graced our homes, those of our mothers and our grandmothers, I hope that it will be so for those of our daughters, nieces, etc.. etc..

37 Alzatina Liberty    37 bis Composizione Liberty    38 Disegno originale Liberty

Liberty Proposals, Sculpture, vase and Drawing Original Art Nouveau by Richard Ginori 

Welcome back to life Ginori, Welcome back to the splendor of yesteryear.

39 Copertina

Donation from Mr Giulio A. Richard

39 bis vaso Ponti    vasi Ponti per finale

Vaso rosso Ponti    Vaso piccolo Ponti

Vaso Ponti    Oggetto Ponti

Vases and Bas-Relief  Gio Ponti for Richard Ginori

40 disegno Gio Ponti

Original design by Gio Ponti 

Good life to all!