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March 8 …

2 The Body new

“The Body” di Beatrice Brandini

Often regarded as just a body … 

This post was created only as a starting point and an excuse in the day when we celebrate the women, because as with other topics that I have already discussed not related to art, fashion, design …, I irritate the injustices and annoy me very much the cliché…

atelier au mimos

Pierre Bonnard “L’atelier au mimosa”

In this society, women have come to think: I am a woman and I would like to be a man …… That we have men who forcibly take for example, in trying to work out how they work or even most of them, to prove our worth, but when it comes to having rights even the most simple and elementary, we are always on the edge, considered less than our male counterparts, both in performance and appearance. Just today on it still says that 80 % of the power is in the hands of men. Sometimes I feel like I live in a huge contradiction. We women that every day we districhiamo between work, family and home, ending our day often when our children, husbands, partners are already blissfully in the arms of Morpheus. The statistics and results in recent years, have often shown that women frequently are fundamental in the success of a project, the guidance of a company, at the head of a bankrupt and gone back to being useful … but if you look at any Board of Directors difficult to find women sitting at the table. Not to mention the policy is completely ignored. Why ?

4 Hotel-Room edward Hopper

Edward Hopper “Hotel Room

Maybe that’s how it was born the definition of “weaker sex” to keep us down … Surely the nature of the physical set of men in an apparently more robust but for the rest we are humans, with our strengths and our flaws with our valuable differences, but all the same. I’m not a feminist, to the contrary, I love women sweet, gentle and feminine, and I think women and men, just because they are different morphologically, structurally, psychologically, emotionally, humanly (in the sense of trying to live and feelings) …, can combine their individual peculiarities completing a circle.

Man and Woman controsenso

The union of the differences between men and women

The only thing that recrimino to us women is that often we do not know how to do “team”, that we are not too sympathetic with each other, I notice every day, and unfortunately this is a limit that penalizes us and as a boomerang, comes back to us. On this we should learn from the boys, who are more cohesive, not for pure altruism, but most of us have realized that, for example, in the workplace, it rewards them.

5 john-currin-2

John Currin

It would be nice that one day we attained the same rights as men, would struggle for the same goals, we were at the head of organizations, industries, media, etc., etc., just as it is granted to men, and that finally we notice that without women you do not go anywhere.

6 sughi

Alberto Sughi

There is no happiness without women (it’s true!), there is no security, there is no progress, there is no continuity ….. I do not want to put your pants and act like a man to have the credibility that I deserve. I do not want to disparage my femininity or my charm to be taken into account and to have respect. I do not want to become aggressive, take out an attribute that mother nature has given me, but that fatigue, injustice and lack of appreciation / recognition could make me come …

Not to mention that the women have the power to put you the world, still consider inferior is just nonsense …

W Women, W men who love them! 

Good life to all!


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