Giovanni’s virus-eating monster

“Play and study” by Beatrice Brandini

The “PROITUDINE” is a word invented by my son, it does not exist in the vocabulary of the Italian language, but in this period, of viral catastrophe, I think it is a real cure-all, the most suitable and the most beautiful word to be able to start rebuilding tomorrow for us , and for future generations.

It is very rare that he makes posts that deviate from fashion or art, from what I love madly, to whom I have dedicated a whole life. But this time, at this particular moment, I couldn’t turn away, I wanted to keep track of what happened and thank those who never pulled back.

“Fear” by Giovanni

Giovanni explained to me what this word means to him (but I had understood it by myself, watching him play). In fact, if staying indoors was a limit for everyone, for children it was even more. And that’s how he began to pronounce this word: PROITUDINE,  the attitude to positivity, to a spontaneous, ironic, powerful form of thought. It is a positive thought, the only one that can save us in moments like these, in which we have witnessed the maximum expression of human fragility.

“Wounded Italian heart” by Beatrice and Giovanni

“Heart healed” by Beatrice and Giovanni

We have exploited our planet, this wonderful land beyond measure, believing, blinded by our selfishness, that its resources were indestructible and infinite, in which a “small” virus has risked and risks destroying everything.

“Female Nature” by Beatrice Brandini

And now, after being under house arrest for months, you have to reopen your eyes with joy (stretch your muscles and reduce a few kilos accumulated, but food was the only salvation, pastime and glue for family and children). Maybe (hopefully) we understood that little is needed, that what we need is not much. Maybe (hopefully) we understood that little is needed, that what we need is not much.

“The Family” by Giovanni

We missed our job (after the first free time “hangover” when have we ever been so much at home?), understanding, more than ever, that man needs to do to feel fulfilled, to be part of a group and a social project. Perhaps someone in this forced interruption has annihilated, disheartened, depressed, for this now we must start again with courage and vigor, with new ideas, but above all with our ability to react, which, among all peoples, is typical of Italians. That same ability to react demonstrated in the most tragic and gloomy moments in our history.

“Caramella” Easter Bunny by Giovanni

Easter greeting card by Giovanni

We were very good, we citizens, families, young people, children and old people, practically all Italians, who brought out pride, courage, sacrifice, we were truly exemplary! But the real heroes were above all those who treated us (doctors, nurses, volunteers) and protected (law enforcement, Carabinieri, Police, Civil Protection),  those who carried out necessary work such as couriers and truck drivers who never stopped , supermarkets and companies that have mainly guaranteed basic necessities. A SOLIDARITY people, a people who deserve another ruling class.

The time to value only your own interests and those of the parish on duty is over. This attitude led us to get into debt, to be object to criticism and above all to discover the side. We have not yet understood that we are all on the same boat and if something does not work, in the end, we will all be paying for the consequences.

“The death” by Giovanni

Also for this reason I loved my son and the other children even more who, despite everything, continued to play at home, to be positive, carefree, to create a network of remote contacts, as they diligently learned and studied This is why I appreciate Proitudine and its positive, almost surreal message.


By now I believe that each of us has understood that there is nothing eternal and that at any time the human being (even the one who thinks he is untouchable) can be blown away like a leaf in the wind, I hope this lesson can teach something, because behind him he left not only death and tragedies, but also a devastating economic crisis.


Images of elderly people who have managed as best they could, trying to react to something “bigger” than them

Seeing the elderly (sometimes even divided), who instead of enjoying their grandchildren, retirement and well-deserved rest, have been deprived of their affections, have been left alone, died … seeing them with their mask to do their shopping, breathing in barely and with a limping gait, it often made me cry (in this period it is easy to get excited and to be moved).

Research during Covid-19

Science must cure us, it must make our life better, not create viruses as bacteriological weapons who knows for what use. We already knew someone who wanted to conquer the world, and we saw how it turned out.

“Play and bedtime” by Beatrice Brandini

When I looked at my son and noticed that in spite of everything he always wanted to play and joke, my heart opened, he was the one to cheer us up, and every time he saw me a little sad he said to me “mom wants PROITUDINE …” , that light and beautiful attitude that children have only.

I hope that this epochal experience, which our grandchildren will read in the history books, has taught us something, has opened our mind and made us understand what is important, what to invest in (HEALTH AND CULTURE in the first place), which we do not need everything that until a few months ago seemed indispensable to us (with the consequent collapse of production, pollution and disposal).

Truck drivers

Carabinieri in action

We make the sense of life prevail, love and altruism, respect for peoples and their diversity (cultures, traditions, religions, colors), we make “PROITUDINE” prevail if it served to make us better. Sometimes even a simple word, a proverb, a saying, a joke, can make the difference. So thank you baby for teaching me! We have the presumption that are always your educators, instead the best teachings come from you.

World card

Doctors and nurses at work

Doctors and nurses with high morale despite everything, Ospedale di Cremona

I also want to thank all the doctors, nurses, volunteers, civil protection, law enforcement, teachers who tried to keep classes together, playing down extreme situations, dedicating themselves body and soul to their students and their learning. And all those subjects who, despite the emergency, have never left us or missed anything. Sincere thanks also to the truck drivers and couriers (let’s remember it well, instead of sending them to that country when we are in front of them), if we go back to smiling and reviewing the sun, the sky, the stars, the sea, the nature, the merit is ONLY yours, which more than with fantasy and dreams, you have put the substance and, in too many cases, even life.


Nature seen by Giovanni, always beautiful and welcoming

A great thought also goes to Lombardy and Milan, for me adopted city for many years. You are an incredible population, compact, rigorous, strong-willed and full of ideas, you will make it and it will be above all thanks to you.

Finally I dedicate this post to my son, who never, as at this time, only pointed out the beauty of the important things.

Vintage box

Good life to everyone !



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