Trends Milano Unica Fall – Winter 2019 – 2020

A glimpse of Milano Unica Preview, Milano Unica credits

Mood board “Techno Romantic Azerbaijan” di Beatrice Brandini

An other interesting meeting took place in Milan with the preview of the trends for Autumn Winter 2019 – 20 promoted and organized by Milano Unica.

In this edition the theme is “Nations to Nations”, a manifesto that has various and very current keys of interpretation. Essentially “United to be Unique”, wants to promote a message of positivity and of union between peoples and cultures, an invitation to collaboration and the symbolic link between different people and traditions. It seemed to me a very important message in a historical moment in which someone wants to build walls, and many afflict people or entire populations who know nothing but despair.

A glimpse of Milano Unica Preview, Milano Unica credits

The world of fashion is often under the spotlight for its glamorous and worldly soul, but in reality fashion has always been linked to social facts and themes, not by chance the most important aesthetic currents of custom have always drawn from the cultural and social fabric of the period in which they were expressed (think of punk, mod, grunge, etc.). Furthermore, it is precisely fashion, with its creators and its battles, that has always shown, rather than in other sectors, a very great mental openness.

The great world transformation we are witnessing, should stimulate us to a peaceful cohabitation and cultural enrichment, fruit of the diversity of peoples, of the different national peculiarities, of the specific characteristics of each people and of each individual. Nation to Nations is an invitation to open up, to welcome the new and different (from us) as an opportunity.


Mood board “Organic Grunge Romania” by Beatrice Brandini

In terms of trends Stefano Fadda, Art Director of the MilanoUnica style Commission, has imagined three types of Nations to Nations, polarized countries but linked by three concepts of style:

Organic Grunge, Handcraft Essential and Techno Romantic.

As usual, I have developed mood boards inspired by these themes.


Mood board “Organic Grunge Turkey” by Beatrice Brandini

The Organic Grunge theme refers to ethical and ecological issues, the countries examined are Scotland, Turkey and Romania, all linked by nature and outdoor life that has peasant roots. 

Floral and animal decorations, inspired by the drawings by the Romanian artist Aitch,

Scottish fabrics, tartan; fabrics of natural origin, such as wool and cottons, but coated, worn or faded. Water-repellent leathers, fil coupé, rustic threads,

Colors Orange ace, rust, ginger, burgundy, white soya, mineral green, celestial ice and a blue magnesium.

Mood board “Organic Grunge Scotland” by Beatrice Brandini

A glimpse of Milano Unica Preview, Organic Grunge. Credits Milano Unica

A glimpse of Milano Unica Preview, Organic Grunge. Credits Milano Unica

The theme of Handcraft Essential starts from the extraordinary artist Bruno Munari, inspired by basic geometric shapes such as the triangle, circle, rectangle and square. This starting point generates a concept that combines simplicity and craftsmanship, purity of lines and architectures. Countries involved South Korea, Switzerland and Sweden.

Rigorous but luxury decorations for materials and techniques.

Double and coupled fabrics, neoprene, rubber materials, cloths.

Colors “color block”, yellow cement gray, lilac, pink, blue, aquamarine crystal, camel. Mahogany.


Mood board “Handcraft Essential Korea del Sud” di Beatrice Brandini


Mood board “Handcraft Essential Sweden” by Beatrice Brandini

Mood board “Handcraft Essential Switzerland” by Beatrice Brandini

A glimpse of Milano Unica Preview, Handcraft Essential. Credits Milano Unica

The third Tecno Romantic theme combines romance, decorum and technology. The leading nations this time are Belgium, Azerbaijan and Indonesia. The inspiration is part from Flemish painting, characterized by still lifes and floral motifs, to arrive to the modern architecture of the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. Here decorum and hi-tech come together to create surprising tactile and visual effects.

Floral decorations, interior designer patterns, geometries.

Devoré velvet fabrics, rigid poplin, sangalli, iridescent fabrics, super-decorated georgette, gelatinous laces.

Kaleidoscopic colors, violet lacquer, gray tempera, white, sugar paper.

Mood board “Techno Romantic Azerbaijan” by Beatrice Brandini

Mood board “Techno Romantic Belgium” by Beatrice Brandini

Mood board “Techno Romantic Indonesia” by Beatrice Brandini

A glimpse of Milano Unica Preview, Tecno Romantic. Credits Milano Unica

“These concepts that inspired Trends A / W 2019-20 are proposed because textile is the strategic art of a supply chain capable of inspiring choices, tastes, new reflections. In this thaw between mountain and valley, important actors are the textile-accessories manufacturers, the designers, the students and, last but not least, the customers” says Antonella Martinetto, President of Moda In with delegation of Milano Unica to the trends.

Thank you Milano Unica to inspire us and surprise us every time.

Good life to everyone!



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