Vivienne Westwood: pure talent, visionary, tailoring and provocative

1 Vivienne-Westwood RANKIN

Vivienne Westwood photographed by RANKIN

2 b Vivienne

“Vivienne” by Beatrice Brandini

If we talk about the history of fashion, you must speak of Vivienne Westwood, the one who invented the fashion “Pirate”, the punk fashion, fashion provocative and ironic but full of social messages, fashion that desecrates religion conformism…, simply put a fashion different from all.

However perhaps few know (a few more today thanks to a biography, the first, just published), that behind the creative and entrepreneurial talent there is a strong-willed woman, counter, strong and stubborn, a feminist practical and realistic, which has grown from only two sons, who became a teacher as the first sign of autonomy, who studied stage design, with a passion for art and fashion as tailoring, which has never bowed to convention; in an era still difficult as that of the sixties (especially for women), but that alone did it, loving fashion as pure creative expression.

Vivienne Westwood/ Buch

Vivienne Westwood photographed by Norma Moriceau in 1971


Collezione Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood


Kate Moss on i-D

At the end of the sixties knows Malcolm McLaren, already separated and with a child, with him you attend, make a child and open a small shop that will become famous all over the world because of the punk movement theater, where both Vivienne Malcolm will be two main protagonists (the shop on King’s Road was called Let it Rock, Too Fast to Live Too Too Youg Die, SEX and finally Worlds End).

7 sara_stockbridge_id_grande

Sara Stockbridge, model-muse of Vivienne Westwood, on the cover of i-D in 1987


Cara Delevingne with a cape V. Westwood photos by Richard Bush, i-D 2013

However Malcolm becomes more famous, thanks to his work as manager of the Sex Pistols. Vivienne creates shadows and raised two children …. The fashion Punk ends, as well as her relationship with Malcolm … But when it is robbed because of a petty employee and lost everything she had created …., she rises from the ashes focusing her true creativity that is still relevant and modern, made of corsets, crinolines, tradition and provocation, British influences.


Carrie in Sex and the City, alias Sarah Jessica Parker dress by Vivienne Westwood


Some celebrities con Vivienne Westwood: Tilda Newton, Demi Moore, Rita Ora e Sarah Jessica Parker


Some celebrities with Vivienne Westwood: Tilda Newton, Christina Ricci, Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry

Designer beloved by fans who follow from the beginning of her career, she manages to bring even those who do not know the whole story but seeing her clothes I immediately sensed the talent and creativity. Vivienne was awarded British designer of the year in 1990, in 1991 and 2006.


One of the underlying theme of Vivienne Westwood is CORSET

13 vivienne-westwood

Vivienne Westwood at the end of a fashion show, collection A/W 2009


Aesthetics of Vivienne Westwood by Beatrice Brandini


Aesthetics of Vivienne Westwood by Beatrice Brandini

Vivienne Westwood is a personality also very active and present in the environment and human rights, for this reason, her collections and runways often become the theater of her ideas (thoughts alas) social and cultural rights.

What to say to young people today? ….. We are all victims of a propaganda and the only way to achieve this awareness is through culture … Culture is the antidote to propaganda. A large painting is true: it is not a lie. “Vivienne Westwood

Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood in her studio

Vivienne Westwood

I think that Vivienne Westwood is above all a passionate, idealist woman, original and stubborn, with a soul punk-rock that has never changed, despite the past several decades and that is its uniqueness.

Good life to all!