XIII Florence Biennale: art, fashion and photography, unmissable!

“Female freedom” by Beatrice Brandini

Exhibition banner

The XIII edition of Florence Biennale. International Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Design opened with an amazing calendar. It will be possible to visit it until October 31st, don’t miss it!

“Today we are facing an unprecedented crisis, says Jacopo Celona, General Manager of the Florence Biennale, which has permeated our society at all levels and which represents an important historical crossroads. Also in this case the response of the artists was exceptional, with an involvement that surprised us. From all over the world they have transmitted their firm will to be present, to testify with examples of tenacity and resilience that art is alive”. A statement that is worth more than any business card and that makes us understand what to expect from this edition.

I Amplify in Silence” by Jim Tsinganos

In fact, there are 465 exhibitors from all over the world who will compete for the “Lorenzo the Magnificent” Prize for art, and the “Leonardo da Vinci” Prize for design. The theme of this edition is “Eternal Feminine – Eternal Change – Concepts of Femininity in Contemporary Art and Design”, we will analyze the polychrome and multiform universe of femininity in all its facets. However, there are two directions for in-depth study of the concept of femininity, on the one hand the idea of femininity inspiring important artistic and literary creations, from the Great Mother to Dante’s Beatrice; on the other hand, the change in femininity, from the sexual and feminist revolution of the sixties, to the LGBTQ communities with their battles on gender identity.

“Black Swan” by Flora Borsi

“Swan” by Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi together with Jim Tsinganos will be the Guest of Honor of the XIII Florence Biennale. Borsi is a talented Hungarian photographer, whose portraits with animals have become iconic. Tsinganos, on the other hand, is an award-winning Australian illustrator, among his works those for the Qantas airline, for the Open Australia, many others have ended up on stamps for Australian Post.


Vivienne Westwood visiting the pavilion dedicated to her


Vivienne Westwood during the awards ceremony

There is also a section dedicated to Vivienne Westwood, a British designer and activist who is loved and respected all over the world. Westwood received the Leonardo da Vinci Lifetime Achievement Award for Design. This is the motivation: “in recognition of a revolutionary creative production that has marked the history of fashion design in the last fifty years, changing and expanding the concept of femininity and for having conceived and promoted innovative campaigns with the aim of protecting life on our Mother Earth ”. Westwood, present at the award ceremony, thanked the Management of Florence Biennale and wanted to read a letter (in English and Italian) in which she emphasized how Mother Earth is our home and our future and how important it is to cooperate to safeguard it, highlighting , romantically and perhaps a little utopian, as it is necessary to abandon the concept of capitalism and competition in favor of a redistribution of goods and wealth.

“The Flag of the World” by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Angelo Savarese

View of the central pavilion with the work of Pistoletto – Savarese and Marica Moro “Golden Doll Stop Violence”

Also at the Biennale you can admire the work of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Angelo Savarese “The Flag of the World”, which occupies the space of the central pavilion. Pistoletto will also be awarded the Lorenzo il Magnifico award for his career.

“For the continuity of research, conducted for over sixty years in the artistic and interdisciplinary fields, which has made contributions of fundamental importance not only to the artistic disciplines but also to the humanities, scientific and social disciplines. An art, that of Michelangelo Pistoletto, which has initiated practices and militancy paths all over the world, in which Art is at the center of a responsible and sustainable transformation of society … “

“The Venus of the Rags” by Michelangelo Pistoletto

Frida Kahlo, self portrait, 1950

On Friday at 6.00 pm a lecture by Gregorio Luke entitled “A look at Frida Kahlo” is scheduled, a kaleidoscope portrait of this incredible Mexican artist, feminist icon and example of extraordinary strength and resilience.

Other special guests are the designer Fabio Novembre, the artist Ercole Pignatelli, the photographer Oliviero Toscani (who will be awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award “for transforming commercial advertising into a tool of social awareness”), the founder of the band Subsonica Max Casacci.

A truly rich program, characterized, even in the various disciplines, by creativity and talent.

Good life to everyone! 



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