78th Pitti Immagine Filati: fantastic creativity with the most beautiful yarns in the world. Trends Spring/Summer 2017 (Part One)


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“Knit” by Beatrice Brandini

See Pitti Filati is for a creative guy like going to Disneyland for a child. The presentations of the exhibitors, but also creations Space Research (knit and textile proposals), are incredibly beautiful so innovative and creative, season after season, they can surprise you, making you understand that as long as these companies and designers will continue to do things so special, creativity will always be our pride and a way to ward off the crisis and low-budget productions …; despite the few aid and poor appreciation of cultural heritage which, in my opinion, is also shown (or especially!) through the craft.

Pitti Filati is the high-end market of knitwear, thanks to the combination of strong research and innovation. For this reason the event sees famous designers and representatives from the style offices of the largest fashion companies in the world, here can make their orders and above can assimilate trends and inspirational input really interesting.

The central theme of this edition is MATERI:ALITY The material is the protagonist of the creative revolution. If the last edition was getting married the concept of MAKE IT, focusing on aspects manuals, here matter and ordinary materials (or overtime) are tied to a process of transformation, processing and then conceptualization. It is as if a material becoming a new opportunity, would turn into something completely new, creating a sustainable and ethical process.

Ten “sub-themes” of MATERI:ALITY, developed Space Research of Pitti Immagine for Spring/Summer 2017. I have drawn the Board inspirational with knit example and dummies photographed at the fair, adding images and sketeches to interpretation of each theme.

POLY-MER The inspiration comes from the sea … floating islands of plastic … Emergency disposal … solution supply and upgrading environment. Theme featuring tweed micro and macro with natural wires printed or laminated. Silk and viscose for a shiny effect and slippery. Backgrounds colored plastics on-meshed. Jacquard lines with interventions applications. Color coral, blue milk, blue Baltic.


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini

BISCUIT Terracotta, like scraps of pottery, porcelain and the mining industry. Comfort, inspiration safari (colors and shapes), unisex. The dusty hands, sandblasted and irregular made blurred stripes. Natural and neutral colors such as ocher, rope, narcissus.


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini

PULP Inspiration for organic tweed from textured surfaces. Materials become crispy, spongy and velvety, with insertions of flowers mixed or printed. Leaves and petals protagonists. Matt effects but also shiny. Colors Lilac, orchid, fern, apricot.


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini

3B’S PRINTING Bees and their hard work … but also in 3D printers that are characterizing and transforming the design, art, medicine… even the yarn will feature new processing techniques. Complex structures, relief designs, geometries unequally and chaotic. Mood sporting/technical. Colori Amber and honey, and black straw.


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini

CONCRETION The organic structures of the hives to those of crystals and minerals. The yarns crystallize, becoming granular and brilliant. Linen and cotton, textured surfaces and rough. Geometric effects, mosaic and irregular scratches. Coated and glossy effects mixed with matte surfaces. Color cream, lilac, plum, blue pearl.


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini


Mood Board by Beatrice Brandini

18   19

E M Filati by Edoardo Miroglio. Are always beautiful the proposals of this brand because they trnsform the yarns in an impalpable and ethereal effect, and these are the most different in nature and yarn count. All in the name of refinement.

20   21

E M Filati by Edoardo Miroglio. optical proposals with ice or gray instead of the more exploited white.

22   23

E M Filati by Edoardo Miroglio

24   25

E M Filati by Edoardo Miroglio

26   27

E M Filati by Edoardo Miroglio

28   29

E M Filati by Edoardo Miroglio

30   31 bis

E M Filati by Edoardo Miroglio

31  32

Millefili. Always amazing the wall of this brand that combines joy, positivity, creativity, color. Congratulations to those who every season brings out the rabbit of the hat …


Millefili. Always generous to visitors, I could not focus and then to understand how I wanted … I think their “gadgets” are also a little ‘luck …. as with all things made with passion …


Millefili. Expert hands made knit cover bottles from the most creative and entertaining jacquard pattern…

Always very interesting the project MODA FUTURIBILE, which is a way of designing fashion in a transversal way, embracing the principles of know how, traceability, transparency, technology, ethics, experimentation and link-local choice. The companies and the partners concerned should be involved and join completely to the project.

Interesting as always the choice of the designers which are a very good confirm. Creatively what I love about this project is that the proposals are always very independent of each other and very personal is the fashion concept that characterizes them.

35 bis

35   36

Richard Quinn, British designer who explores printing, color and fabric. This small collection called “Inglese Garden” combines past flavor couture with textile innovation, magically and masterfully transforming knit in fabric. I found the result very interesting … fantastic dress gored and crispy coat photographed below.

37   38

Richard Quinn

39   40

Richard Quinn


42   43

Quoï Alexander “Experiment Limits”, this collection explores the fabrics, turning them into shapes. The result is very conceptual and original, especially for exploration in creating fabrics and shapes that are inspired by its own internal reflection.

44   45

Quoï Alexander


47   48

Jessica Leclere, her collection “echO” is inspired by the representation of sound distribution, expressed by the concept of digital shade around a circular shape. Overlapping light fabrics laser-cut, three-dimensional applications. 

49   50

Jessica Leclere

51   52

Jessica Leclere


Stand MODA FUTURIBILE focus Re-Conception

Ends here the first part of the 78th edition of Pitti Filati.

Good life to all!