89th Pitti Uomo: Here is the living room of the men’s fashion! Trends for the next Autumn / Winter 2016 – 17 (part two)


Exhibition 89th Pitti Uomo




Men’s fashion trends by Beatrice Brandini

Continues the journey with Pitti Uomo….

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North Sails, their slogan is “When design meets technology. Where performance meets aesthetics”. And it is true …. North Sails is a brand always very interesting, beautiful and consistent. Party from the sailing world, has become a guarantee of class and quality for those who live the sport is so dynamic, it is so (and use) citizen.

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North Sails, this line more beautiful technique and performance. The direction taken by many brands, also not necessarily sports, was this.

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North Sails

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North Sails

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North Sails


“The Coat” by Beatrice Brandini

13 BIS

The next Autumn / Winter will be the year of the coat! Long, medium, short, elegant, sporty, or deconstructed tailoring …. does not matter as long as a coat. I’ve seen beautiful, also suitable for that generation, the very young, who has never worn one. Many wool also made (especially tweed), but also in cloth with rubber, neoprene, etc., Combining a fantastic mix of classicism and modernity.


“Active Tech” by Beatrice Brandini

14 BIS

A large number of sports “clean”, ie minimal and conceptual. The sweatshirts are still ironic, printed and colored, but in general the informal and sporty clothing goes to a technical direction, for those who actually practice the sport and for those who, from a piece of clothing, seeking comfort and functionality, without frills … Blue in various shades, anthracite gray, powder and mélange. Orange, acid green or some flou color as contrast.


“Padded Jacket” di Beatrice Brandini

15 BIS

Many bomber and quilts, padded garments to combat the cold (but also super light). Are nylon with multiple textures, padded quilted classic or creative. For the scooter in the city, for the school, over jeans but also on the more classic and formal dress. There is a desire of nature, the colors are shades of green and brown, but there is also an increasing attention to the ethical. Synthetic feathers that respect wildlife and environment.

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Lardini, I love this brand that combines style and quality like few others. They make gorgeous collections, always using that touch of eccentricity that makes them “special”. This season is a modern hero Corto Maltese the imaginary (or imagined as it was for me). Compliments!

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Wooster + Lardini collection with refinement and eccentricity, keeping intact DNA Lardini fact of class and sophistication. Lardini and Wooster + Lardini have two identities distinct albeit at accomunarle is tailoring. I found it beautiful, for a man eclectic just like this very interesting collection.

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Wooster + Lardini

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Wooster + Lardini

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Wooster + Lardini


Wooster + Lardini


KOBJA by Monika Jarosz, this beautiful line of accessories for men / women entirely handmade, so different from each other. To obtain these materials and colors the designer takes a very long process, hence the uniqueness of these objects decidedly out of the ordinary.

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KOBJA by Monika Jarosz

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KOBJA by Monika Jarosz


KOBJA by Monika Jarosz

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Aquascutum, the trench coat … and Humphrey Bogart knew very well.

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Converse Limited Edition, these beautiful customized Converse, although to be honest the Converse are always beautiful and perhaps, “classic”, they are the most beautiful. A timeless product!

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Barts, accessories brand Dutch (especially strong in hats), beautiful and interesting in their simplicity.



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Interior Pitti Uomo, in an ironic reinterpretation of masterpieces, ancient icons and modern …. all very pop.

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Interior of 89th Pitti Uomo

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Colmar, garments very beautiful, for those who, even in winter, try to stand out and also have style with a duvet (feat not always easy). Color, fabric, style, much innovation, great taste!

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Colmar, technical or geometric retro futuristic’

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Cupro Fabrics by Asahi Kasei Fibers, liners finest…


Cupro Fabrics by Asahi Kasei Fibers

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Exterior outfitting 89th Pitti Uomo, Theme Generation

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Exterior outfitting 89th Pitti Uomo

The 89th edition of Pitti Uomo is over and as always I miss … It ‘s nice to see how Florence comes alive of events and presentations, such as hotels and restaurants are full of people and how this huge amount of different people (I hate the term circus that often is coined to describe this world, I think that those who uses it in truth despise it!), from all over the world, came here to see, to buy, to discuss or setting trends. The Fair was successfully completed recording the record 36,000 visitors and more than 4% of buyer.

I hope the new year bring peace and positivity, especially to this industry (fashion), those who with their work make us proud to be Italian.

Good life to all!