Alberto Magnelli. Armocromie @ Museo del Novecento

Alberto Magnelli: Peinture n. 0529, oil on canvas 1915

“The abstract” by Beatrice Brandini

From 11 November to 15 February 2023, the Museo del Novecento presents a beautiful exhibition curated by Eva Francioli: Alberto Magnelli. Armocromie.

Alberto Magnelli: Explosin lyrique n. 7, oil on canvas 1918

The exhibition, dedicated to one of the most important masters of abstract art in the world, is part of an exhibition cycle that, from time to time, aims to enhance the greatest artists of the twentieth century.

Alberto Magnelli. Armocromie. presents (magnificent!) paintings, drawings and collages that testify an original expressive language, testimony of a great talent.

Alberto Magnelli: Peasants with the cart, oil on canvas 1914

Sergio Risaliti, Director of the Museo del Novecento in Florence, is trying to highlight some of the greatest artistic personalities of the twentieth century, in fact after Mario Mafai, Mirko Basaldella, Corrado Cagli, it is the turn of Alberto Magnelli, a Florentine artist who left his own to the Municipality of Florence, some of the most important works of his career, from figurative beginnings to abstract works.

Alberto Magnelli: Pierres n. 30, oil on canvas 1933

Alberto Magnelii: Peinture n. 330, oil on canvas 1937

Born in Florence but then lived in France, Magnelli was a master of color and shapes and contributed significantly to the spread of new visual codes in post-World War II Europe.

Alberto Magnelli: Collage musique, paper and sandpaper, 1942

“The works on display, brought together for the first time in a long time, offer themselves to our eyes as chromatic scores capable of transporting us to another dimension, marked by a subdued and gentle musicality, the result of a calibrated formal definition”. Comments Eva Francioli, curator of the exhibition.

Alberto Magnelli: Ramification, oil on canvas 1958

A glimpse of the Alberto Magnelli. Armocromie exhibition at the Museo del Novecento in Florence

The exhibition itinerary shows us some early works, in which we note the influence of the great Italian art of the fourteenth and fifteenth century, and then move on to suggestions of the French avant-garde, up to the passion for tribal art with its unmistakable signs and colors.

Tony Cragg. Transfer, also inside the Museo del Novecento in Florence

A suggestive glimpse of the courtyard of the Museo del Novecento, with some works by Tony Cragg

It is an unmissable exhibition, also because inside the visitor can admire the entire permanent collection of the Museo del Novecento in Florence, the Tony Cragg. Transfer, exhibition,  and the work of Jean Arp. Larme de galaxie one of the greatest masters of the twentieth century, resurfaced from the deposits of the Florentine Civic Museums.

The work of Jean Arp, re-emerged from the deposits of the Florentine Civic Museums, Larme de galaxie (1962), a masterpiece donated by the same artist to the city of Florence in the aftermath of the dramatic flood of 1966

Emanuele Greco, curator of the exhibition Jean Arp. Larme de galaxie, together with Sergio Risaliti, Director of the Museo del Novecento in Florence

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