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Antonio Lopez  in the 70s


“VANITY ” tribute by Beatrice Brandini

When I was studying fashion , quite a few ‘years ago , I remember that I admired so immense a great illustrator , Antonio Lopez, dreaming of one day to approach , even remotely , to his talent and his magic hand.

I think that after him no one has equaled , especially in the ability to witness an era , the seventies and eighties , with his sketches or its tables .

Missoni 1    missoni2

Advertising campaigns for Missoni 1984

I remember that in those years he had worked for several advertising campaigns for Missoni ( beautiful pictures, I had detached from newspapers to adorn my bedroom ) , as well as fill the pages of a magazine , published by Conde Nast from an idea by Anna Piaggi , Vanity , true visionary experiment illustration of fashion, true object of worship .


Antonio Lopez for Vogue 1983 – Dress Oscar della Renta

Pygmalion of those models that have signed an era , leaving a mark of unmistakable style, as Pat Clevaland , Jerry Hall and Marisa Berenson . Or exploiting women , increasing its popularity as Jessica Lange, Grace Jones and Tina Chow, personality and class that they had to sell. A great friend of the photographer Bill Cunningham . Inseparable from his collaborator Juan Eugene Ramos , known at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT ) in New York , where both were studying . From there, a friendship and a long artistic collaboration , crowned by the prestigious award of honorary degrees , for their achievements by the FIT .

Liz Rivera, NYC    illustrazione su vanity

Liz Rivera, NYC, 1983                          Vanity Illustration of the 80s

In 1964 the meeting with the couturier Charles James led to a long collaboration , creating a new language of fashion illustration , it was no longer simple ” copy- portrait”, but soul , the clothes became sculptures , the real protagonists .

antonio-lopez su Vogue Tedesco

Antonio Lopez, German Vogue , 1983

Later he moved to Paris where he met Karl Lagerfeld and where it exports a bit ‘ of that American pop culture and glamor .

s Bazaar Italia

Antonio Lopez , Harper ‘s Bazaar Italy , 1973

Throughout his career he has used different materials , pencils, pens, ink, watercolor , polaroid etc., experimenting with art forms that went beyond the “simple” illustration ; has created jewelry and design objects , set showcases conceptual Studio 54 and Fiorucci , he re-read graphics of Interview magazine , newspaper also designed by Andy Warhol.

Collage Interview per Blog

Interview covers of those years

In many have understood the talent and greatness , in fact, worked for Vogue , Harpers ‘ Bazaar , Elle, and Interview for the New York Times , just the latter called him the greatest fashion illustrator in the world. Artist in the collections of the greatest museums, from the Metropolitan to the Louvre.

MAC per Blog 2    MAC per Blog 1    Mac per Blog 3

Il brand MAC has paid tribute to this great artist / illustrator with a collection dedicated to three famous women, ” Antonio ‘s Girls “, or Pat Clevaland , Jerry Hall and Marisa Berenson customizing the packaging of pallets eyes, lips, and clutch , with its magnificent designs , really irresistible.

lopez bb 1

Seventie’s by Beatrice Brandini

lopez bb 2

New seventies’ by Beatrice Brandini

Unfortunately you passed like a comet , whose trail was too fast , but the light generated will remain forever , and will always be bright.

Good life to all !


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